What is the truth with Dynamics GP?

We have been a Microsoft Gold Partner for almost 20 years now and let me tell you that we have heard many things about Dynamics GP over the years…

Rumors, most of them ended up being rumors! So be careful and don’t just believe anything other vendors are telling you they know “for sure” what’s happening at Microsoft. Always ask for proof from Microsoft, and Microsoft only.

Otherwise these other vendors are just “selling” you based on fear. Don’t you want to work with someone that is truthful and simply providing you the best product/services your company deserves?

That being said, Dynamics GP is NOT GOING ANYWHERE!

“Funny” enough, some of our clients have received FAKE information from other vendors including statements like the following:

  • “Microsoft will not be supporting Dynamics Great Plains in 2020”
  • “Dynamics GP is being deactivated by Microsoft”
  • “Microsoft will most likely be migrating you to a new part of Dynamics in the new year”
  • “This switch may be a large price increase for your ERP Solution”


We know many users have concerns about the Microsoft Dynamics GP roadmap and this is why we are writing this article to make sure you get the most accurate information regarding the future of Dynamics GP for 2020 and beyond.

As many of you already know, this past October (2019), Microsoft released a new version of Dynamics GP. Changing the version name from “Dynamics GP 2018 R2” to… Simply “Dynamics GP”. With this new release, Microsoft is dropping the version number and announced that Dynamics GP is now moving to the “Modern Lifecycle Policy”.

With this latest announcement from Microsoft, we now have clear goals from Microsoft on the future of Dynamics GP and the Dynamics GP Roadmap.


The Real Future of Dynamics GP

What’s the Dynamics GP Modern Lifecycle Policy?

The current version of Dynamics GP is governed by the Modern Lifecycle Policy. The Modern Lifecycle Policy offers support and servicing, including bug fixes, new features, and latest tax updates. Under this policy, Dynamics GP customers stay current by taking at least one of the three all-inclusive Dynamics GP updates, typically released in June, October, and December each year. The October update typically delivers new capabilities. The two other updates will typically consist of hotfixes, tax updates, and any relevant regulatory updates.

The following table outlines the release schedule for the three committed all-inclusive updates of Dynamics GP each year.



Example date


June update June 1 Tax updates, regulatory updates, hotfixes
October update October 1 New capabilities, hotfixes
December update December 1 Tax updates, regulatory updates, hotfixes

The Modern Lifecycle Policy is a great sign for users who are willing to stay on Dynamics GP as it will offer continuous support and servicing including bugs, fixes, new features and patch updates for Dynamics GP. The updates for Dynamics GP are scheduled through 2028.


What’s new with Dynamics GP Updates and support?

On top of the yearly new releases, Microsoft has committed to three-yearly minor updates of Dynamics GP going forward.

One main obligation of the Modern Policy is that in order to stay current, Dynamics GP users will need to complete at least one of the three yearly releases. Completing at least 1 of the minor upgrades allow you to stay current and keep Microsoft’s support.

Basically, if you have already upgraded to the October 2019 Dynamics GP new release, and you complete one of the minor upgrades in 2020, you will be able to skip the late 2020 release! But remember to take at least one upgrade in 2021 to keep your ERP system current !

For those who are still on Dynamics GP older version (Before Oct 2019), they are staying on the existing Fixed Policy Lifecycle. However, if you want to keep your support, here are the support end dates for those previous versions:

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 – Mainstream support end date 4/14/2020
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 – Mainstream support end date 7/13/2021
  • • Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 – Version 18.00.0727 and prior (anything before October 2019 release) – Mainstream support end date 1/10/2023 with limited out to 2028

NO FUTURE for Dynamics GP On-Premise?

Now that you know your Dynamics GP isn’t going anywhere, you should start optimizing your systems and take the next step for your company’s digital transformation!

Our Dynamics GP clients who want to get started with their Digital Transformation (aka “Modernize their systems”) are migrating Dynamics GP to the Azure cloud*.

We have helped many of them transition smoothly from an on-premise to a hosted environment for their Dynamics GP. The main motivations to migrate to a cloud-based business solution are to adapt quickly to new business events and scale faster and initiate innovation.

Our Cloud offering is a Virtual Private Cloud powered by Microsoft Azure. With Microsoft Azure, you will get security from the ground up, backed up by a team of experts at both Microsoft & TMC with proactive compliance that is trusted by enterprises, governments & startups.

The TMC Azure Cloud (T.A.C.) is specifically set up for your Dynamics GP environment, with an experienced team to migrate your software to the cloud & support your digital transformation. It is easy-to-deploy and has the ability to scale your system up and down. Moreover, the use of separate Virtual Machines increases your agility.

*How much does it cost to Migrate Dynamics GP to the Azure cloud?

At any time, with TMC, you can now Upgrade your Dynamics GP and/or Move your Dynamics GP to the Cloud at no cost… Yes, it’s true! As a Gold Microsoft Partner, if you work with us, we are offering:

  • The migration of your Dynamics GP On-Premise to the Azure Cloud for free.
  • The upgrade of your Dynamics GP to the most current version for free.
  • The 1st month of hosting for free as the icing on the cake!

If you have questions regarding the Microsoft dynamics GP roadmap, feel free to contact us. We would be happy to discuss the future of your Dynamics GP Solution, as well as how we can help you adapt to the new Modern Policy and the Dynamics GP Roadmap.

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