Increase Business Productivity using Microsoft Dynamics 365Microsoft Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s latest version of their productivity and business software suite whose purpose is to provide the intelligence and insight to business users enabling them to evolve quickly as their business changes. One of the issues that has been pervasive in the business intelligence and productivity software area is the excess functionality that is neither needed nor desired by companies and their IT staffs. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is more modular in nature allowing companies to customize their business intelligence software and pay for only those capabilities that they want.

One of the major benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is its integration with Microsoft Office 365 to continue the process from moving from large, inflexible applications to more intelligent Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications. The original paradigm of a structured workflow in business applications is revolutionized through the connection of ‘unstructured workflow’ of collaboration and productivity. Individual workers are empowered through the synergy of these two products to provide ready access to business intelligence while simultaneously breaking down barriers that inhibit productivity.

The second major benefit of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is its capability to combine CRM data with enterprise resource planning (ERP) data within a company’s infrastructure. This application will greatly improve Microsoft’s current customer relationship management (CRM) capability and allow them to differentiate themselves from other companies in compete in this space.

A third benefit of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite is the ability to access Microsoft’s business intelligence and Cortana software within the application. This built-in capability will allow a business to immediately receive and transmit information to sales representatives in the field allow them to offer additional products and services based on real-time information.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 continues Microsoft’s rapid advancement in creating a full spectrum of business productivity and intelligence software to meet the specific needs of individual businesses. For more information on Microsoft Dynamics 365 contact us to get the latest information and updates.