Microsoft Will Offer Dynamics 365 ERP - CRM as Single Bundle October 2016

It’s not uncommon for SMB owners to pushback on changing the way they handle transactions, track inventory or create those all-important financial reports. But at the end of the day, relying on legacy programs that are not inter-connected, defeats the goal of maintaining a competitive edge in the today’s marketplace.

Using a single, data-base management software, such as Dynamics GP, NAV and SL, not only allows owners to track every stage of their product cycle, or project workflow, while providing new opportunities for the kind of collaboration that drives growth.

In addition, and with the upcoming release of Dynamics 365 ERP with CRM capabilities, businesses will be better equipped to engage and monitor their customer relationships. No longer will SMBs be required to purchase both an ERP software and CRM: Microsoft has bundled these two platforms into a single software with its scheduled mid-October launch of Dynamics 365.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is unique from all other ERP products because it empowers users to utilize the Microsoft stack and work inside of Microsoft Outlook while handling financials, sales, purchasing, CRM and other related tasks. With Dynamics 365 companies can start with what they only truly need by offering apps that fit roles, industries, businesses – and grow at their pace to run their entire business in the cloud.   That means you can start small with the right fit for your role, industry and business and pay only for what you need. This is different from traditional ERP system which require you to purchase many modules and features that companies never need to use. In addition those traditional ERP systems are based on premise on your servers in house, while Dynamics 365 ERP is truly cloud based so you can access and utilize anywhere/anytime.

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