One of the risks commonly associated with any company expansion is the continuity of services: products are coming off the line to meet the new demand, and orders being processed quickly…and accurately.

Unfortunately, a lot can be ‘lost in translation,’ particularly as your company opens up new markets abroad. This can come about when stakeholders refuse to see the need for change in the accounting and order entry system. They rely heavily on two or three programs to gather, transmit and process orders and instructions to clients, vendors and…their banking friends as well.

But nothing can be worse than someone not on top of key factors like currency changes, or ignore the need to communicate in the proper written language of the customer, or vendors.

If this happening in your company, you probably have outgrown QuickBooks.

Time to finally get rid of QuickBooks?

The lost-in-translation is not a factor when businesses invest in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central accounting software. The platform not only handles high transactions, but it does so in multiple languages and multiple currencies—no need to risk currency entry errors in a separate program like Excel, for example is a way of knowing you have outgrown Quickbooks.

Let Dynamics 365 Business Central help drive your plans for growth.

For starters, Dynamics 365 Business Central offers more than just an accounting module, and it is completely scalable. This brings additional business analysis capabilities without investing in full modules that you may not be needing for some time in the future.

‘Business reporting’ tools underscore this software’s newest features, allowing stakeholders to collaborate more closely with team members and decision makers.

What’s more, Dynamics 365 Business Central can be customized for vertical industries while still providing familiar use of Microsoft Office Word, Outlook and Excel.

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