Technology Management Concepts (TMC) Integrates Spindle Professional with MS Dynamics GP


“Implementing Spindle Professional into our routine bring us many advantages that we translated into 3 main reasons why you should consider stopping mailing your clients’ invoices.”

You know the routine.  Your team submits a weekly timesheet.  The team manager reviews and approves each employee’s time and it’s your turn; the dreaded weekly billing.  Timesheets are posted – in our case, from PDK to Microsoft Dynamics GP.  They are magically turned into invoices using Dynamics GP Project and each invoice is printed onto nice, full-color, customized letterhead.  The invoices are copied for the client file, folded, stuffed into envelopes, and mailed.  Depending on how many client projects you may have at any given time, the invoices could number from 50 – 100+ and it takes hours to do the busy work of folding and stuffing, sealing and stamping.


1. SAVE TIME – “I have reduced my weekly billing time to 45 minutes!”

For over 12 years, I have endured this process of folding and stuffing, sealing and stamping.  On average, it takes up to 3 hours to process our weekly billing.

Now, timesheets are entered, approved and posted into Dynamics GP…nothing new there.  They are processed in Dynamics GP Project and invoices are generated. Each invoice is printed into PDF form, filed electronically into SharePoint under each specific client folder name and an email is created in my Microsoft Outlook drafts.  All of this with only few clicks.



Before, the process consumes 100’s of pieces of letterhead and an equal amount of copy paper.  It requires printer ink, envelopes, and increasingly expensive stamps.

Now, it has been estimated that we will save up to $10,000 in the next year in time, printing supplies and postage.  Add that to the environmental savings of less paper and fuel consumption and it is a significant win for our office, our clients and the world at large.



Using mail is very stressful, once the US Post Office takes over, fingers are crossed that the documents arrive timely, safely and to the correct individual in our client’s Accounts Payable department.

Now, the invoices are in your client’s hands minutes after they are generated. The email is addressed to appropriate client and the body of the email is generated, 100% customized with their company name, invoice number and attachment.


In a snap, it all changes and we move into the 21st century.  Our team at TMC has implemented Spindle Professional by Draycir and integrated it with MS Dynamics GP.  Spindle Professional is an intelligent Windows print driver that works with practically any application.  We are using it with Microsoft Dynamics GP but it is compatible with many software platforms.  It took only a few days to implement and Draycir supported us through the entire process.

No printing, folding, stuffing, stamping.  No paper, envelopes, postage, fuel consumption or fear of getting “lost in the mail”.  Just a few glorious clicks and our bills are in our client’s hands like magic.

Technology Management Concepts is an authorized re-seller and implementer of Draycir products, including Spindle Professional.