Microsoft Dynamics 365 | Order to Cash in Business Central (Demo) | Part 1

I want to show you a full sales process in Dynamics 365 Business Central I‘m going to start with a sales quote I’m going to turn that into an order we’re going to check inventory availability we’ll go through an approval process in business Central we’ll ship the order invoice order and process One customer return so let’s get started.

Sales Quote and Conversion to Order:

Alicia, who works in the sales department, prepares a sales quote for a customer. After discussing with the customer, Alicia receives confirmation to proceed. She converts the sales quote into a sales order, ensuring all necessary details are transferred.

Check Inventory Availability:

Upon reviewing the sales order, Alicia realizes that there are some inventory availability issues. For one of the items, the main warehouse has insufficient stock. She checks inventory availability by location and period, adjusting quantities and ship dates to accommodate stock availability and planned receipts.

Approval Process:

Alicia initiates an approval workflow for the sales order. This workflow involves sending the sales order for approval to the admin person, who reviews and approves the order.

Shipping the Order:

David, who works in the warehouse, receives the approved sales order. He checks open orders, and upon finding the approved sales order, he ships the items that are available for immediate shipment.

Completing Shipment:

As months pass, David realizes that there’s still an item pending shipment from the original order. In October, he proceeds to ship the remaining item and updates the sales order to indicate that it has been fully shipped.

Invoicing the Order:

The admin person reviews the shipments and posts the invoice for the sales order. This invoicing process completes the financial transaction related to the sales order.

Customer Return Process:

Subsequently, the customer decides to return part of the order. A sales return order is created by the admin person. This return order reflects the items the customer wants to return.

Processing the Return:

The return order is processed, which includes receiving the returned items into the warehouse and creating a credit memo on the customer’s account. The credit memo reflects the returned items and provides the customer with a credit for those items.

This comprehensive sales process in Dynamics 365 Business Central involves various stages, from creating the initial sales quote to processing a customer return. It showcases how the system handles sales quotes, orders, inventory availability, approval workflows, shipping, invoicing, and handling customer returns.

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