How Sales Managers are using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to Increase Sales

It is challenging being a sales manager because of the highly demanding nature of the job. A business’s success depends on the sales manager’s decisions as they are held direct responsibility in ensuring that a brand is selling.

Some crucial and challenging duties of a sales manager include; 

  • Keeping track of potential sales opportunities 
  • Managing inventory 
  • Forecasting future inventory needs. 

As a sales manager, having the relevant software tools will propel the business to success. Dynamics 365 Business Central enables you to inspect all overdue opportunities, track inventory quantity, and forecast inventory needs of the future besides reviewing sales opportunities. Such information is essential in observing the market trends and taking appropriate steps towards attaining organizational goals. 

One way sales managers can optimize Business Central’s functions and performance is by integrating it with Microsoft Dynamics Sales (CRM). Microsoft Dynamics for Sales gives sellers a whole new view of clients and prospects. As a seller, you can see your current customers, including the status of each transaction and estimated timeline. Here are some of the features sales managers are using: 

Relationship Assistant

Click on a specific client to bring up the Relationship Assistant that will enable you to: 

  • Gain insights from email interactions with customers. 
  •  Determine when a customer hasn’t responded to prior communication. 
  •  Track which email customers viewed or replied so as to determine which contacts are most engaged. 

Rapid Access

Dynamics enables instant access to customer data within the context of email conversations. When a client requests to view a proposal before the meeting, you can simply tap a link from the email to launch Dynamics. Then, you can create an estimation and send it to the client right on the go. Sellers get product upsale suggestions based upon intelligence in history. 

Better Presentations

With Dynamics, presentations can now be more engaging than ever through seamless interaction with PowerPoint. You can instantly access all the documents for a particular customer and deliver amazing presentations. Just as Dynamics gives product suggestions, it also offers suggestions to supporting documents, which can be instantly added to a sales presentation. 

Guided Sales Process

With an embedded and configurable guided sales process, you can know exactly what steps to take next to close deals quickly. You can increase user adoption with contextual, role-based help and guidance available right on the page where you are working. Dynamics gives sales leaders a global view of sales performance across the organization and shows how each seller is performing. Sellers can view their own performance, including any pipeline gaps they must close. 

Gamification App

The Gamification app from Microsoft Dynamics is a game changer in motivating sales teams. The solution uniquely energizes employers, engages broadly with team-based competition, and accelerates adoption of critical business applications. 

Enhance your Success with Dynamics 365 Partners 

It does not matter whether you are starting or seeking to enhance your solutions. Working with a trusted dynamics partner will enable you to make the most out of ERP and CRM integration. A reliable Microsoft Dynamics Partner will help you settle for a solution that works best for your business. It is advisable to ensure that you settle for a provider that supports multiple systems. 

How does Dynamics 365 partner help? 

Choosing the right dynamics 365 consulting will assist you in achieving the following; 

  • Evaluation of new solutions- you will receive necessary help in the process of identifying the Dynamics 365 applications best suited for your business needs and it’s changing landscape. 
  • Tailor existing solutions- partner applications allow you to customize business processes with industry-specific functionalities. 
  • Enable you to stay on track- with Dynamics 365 Consulting, you will receive timely support, consultation, and optimization guidelines from trustworthy advisors ready to walk with you every step until you succeed. 

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