Discover D365 [Health] ERP | The Future of Healthcare Facilities Management 

Discover D365 [Health] ERP – The Future of Healthcare Facilities Management

Hi I’m Brett I’m the VP of sales and marketing at TMC. In this video I’m going to talk to you about some things that many healthcare companies are struggling with today, specifically multi-location healthcare companies that are losing money and struggling to keep up with growth.

As you know there are many underlying business challenges for healthcare companies within your existing financial and CRM systems. Let’s discuss what you don’t want the new implementation for each added location. A new license having to be purchased for each financial system at each location. The additional cost for the step and training and finally not being able to consolidate your systems because they don’t talk to each other.

Let’s discuss what you do want. The ability to reduce costs through a shared service model while increasing purchasing power, a fast repeatable deployment across all locations, and less time reinventing the wheel. Ultimately we understand that healthcare organization’s biggest focus is looking to reduce costs while growing your business. So if that’s the focus, the old costly and time intensive method needs to be looked at and potentially replaced. We’ve solved these problems for healthcare organizations through our D365 for health solution combining ERP and CRM systems to solve these business challenges.

So let’s discuss the measurable impacts we’re able to provide for your organization. The ability to add new locations with little to no additional training costs as the same users will be providing accounting across all locations. One of the biggest business results we see for companies saving time on their day-to-day activities. For example saving up to 16 hours a month on their financial reporting and consolidation activities and saving up to 24 hours per month on their inner company, billing and payroll activities. Another benefit is having secure access anytime, anywhere. No more on-premise servers in-house, no more upgrade costs, being able to be on the latest version of Office 365 CRM and ERP, and minimal costs ongoing.

If you’re a healthcare company that is experiencing these similar business challenges we discussed today, but also want to see the results and growth we discussed, feel free to reach out!

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