Start-ups quickly discover just how involved–and expensive–it is to bring their service or products to market. Business owners looking to build an on-premise network with cutting edge applications soon realize they need a lot of components, such as servers, a dedicated network with security and maintenance in place with ongoing updates.

With Azure cloud services, the business solution that usually does the backup is owned by Microsoft, which owns the hardware stack that will be resolved by them if there are any errors or failures. Your solution will automatically do a hardware refresh cycle, leaving all the troubles in the past.

Azure enhances productivity. 

To avoid the lure of building out an over-customized legacy system, small to medium business owners need to consider Azure’s hosting services; this, for solutions to enhance productivity while decreasing costs.

Don’t you hate it when there is an outage or when “the system is down?” Azure outages are rare to happen, and if it does happen, your data will be safe. 

Forbes touts Azure’s ‘serverless’ platform.

Migrating to the Azure cloud services will bring users access to an array of computing resources that adds, among many features, serverless computing to the Azure platform. Forbes recently focused on Azure’s SQL Database Serverless platform at the 2019 Microsoft Build:

“(Azure’s SQL Database Serverless) offers the power of SQL Server Engine through an innovative billing model based on per-second pricing… When the database instance is paused, customers are only charged for the storage.” 

Simply put, CIO magazine notes that “Azure helps you move faster, do more, and save money. And that’s just beginning to scratch the surface.”

Azure provides security. Subscription options and more.

Microsoft Azure data centers not only ensure the security of data but provide subscribers with subscription options where users pay only for what services they are using. 

More importantly, perhaps, is that the TMC Azure cloud has a pay-per-use model that eliminates huge upfront costs for equipment, or for services that may not be needed until a future time.

Azure offers users a variety of categories and services for computing, machine learning, and management tools. For example, Azure DevOps allows developers a platform for building and deploying applications.

Create ‘apps’ within the TMC Azure cloud.

‘Want to create an app within the Azure cloud? If so, deployment is easy, while all the necessary overview, from security, encryption, and maintenance is handled through the TMC Azure cloud services

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