With Dynamics NAV 2018 recently released on December 1st, companies are planning their upgrades for calendar year 2018. Outdated software can be detrimental to a company’s growth. Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 is an upgrade you don’t want to miss.

These are 11 of our favorite reasons for considering the upgrade:


Integration. Microsoft products are integrated deeper into NAV 2018, allowing a more powerful and inclusive business environment – almost a one-stop shop for SMBs.


Extensibility. NAV 2018 is more customizable as the new model has greater ability and capacity to enable extensions. For example, importing payroll transaction files.


Artificial Intelligence. Thanks to advanced algorithms, Cognitive service are available which enable a vast amount of automatization to take place.


Microsoft Flow interaction. Financial procedures are more efficient as NAV 2018 can interact with Microsoft Flow.


Role personalization. Workspace is customizable to suit your preferences and/or job functions.


CRM Synchronization. Data can be shared between NAV 2018 and CRM, without impeding the use of either.


REST API. NAV 2018 is thus easily integrated with a plethora of services.


Report Preview. Report can be generated and available for view directly in NAV 2018.


Check Printing. 3 checks can be printed per page with the new printing format.


Financials in Excel. Financial statements can be easily opened through Excel and analyzed in that format.


Larger EC Sales Lists. Up to 9999 lines can be used and submitted in a single report.


As of December 1, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 became available. Considering following our advice? Get in touch or request a demo.