Waste less time searching for an ERP vendor; choose a vetted, Microsoft Dynamics partner.

It can be a digital jungle out there when business owners start vetting ERP software for their manufacturing or distribution operations. Their short-list may be based on peer recommendations and on-site evaluations.

Not surprisingly, the small business owner may push back on the whole idea, because they see too many options available. As such, the owner may be content with using legacy programs, like QuickBooks while choosing to customize Excel or industry apps ‘guaranteed’ to enhance operations. But the problems with monitoring product cycles, inventory and shipping tasks, not to mention accounting-related troubles remain unsolved.

In fact, as over-customization increases files and documents may reside on a host of silos, each unconnected to the other. Overall, staff wastes valuable time searching for data. Accounting errors increase due to repetitive manual data entries, and customers take it on the chin with delays and wrong shipments.

What’s needed is less uncertainty about choosing a qualified ERP vendor, which can be solved by turning to a vetted, Microsoft Dynamics partner, like Technology Management Concepts (TMC). As a Gold Certified partner, TMC isn’t just a seller of ERP software: before and after-the-sale services are also provided.

Furthermore, with qualified tech-staff on board TMC can assist businesses during implementation and deployment. As a result, outcomes are more predictable across all departments in controlling operations in accounting, project accounting, financial reporting, forecasting. Too, Dynamics software offers a customer relationship management (CRM) module to better track and engage with the customer base.

Learn more about what the Gold can mean for your business. Contact us for subscription and implementation options to match the needs of your growing company. Move your operations to a higher level with a proven, Microsoft Dynamics partner.

Written by B.H. (Sales Team)