The shift to working from home affects every business in the world. Most are also opting for a hybrid work environment. These can be confusing if you are not ready to adapt to the new changes. Even with off-site work, you still need to manage projects, applications, and other business tools.

Productivity tools increase both output and input in various ways. They have a huge impact on the business on the bottom line, even when the results are not immediate. Working from home is a sure way to improve your quality of work, reduce downtime, and boost employee satisfaction. It is easy to achieve all these using Microsoft productivity tools.

Top Microsoft Productivity Tools

Many people know and are already using Microsoft’s cloud-based Dynamics 365 suite of tools. It is seamless to use, and Dynamics 365 BC integrates with Microsoft 365 (including MS Teams), Power Bi, Flow, Planner, and others on the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

With Microsoft productivity tools, users get everything they need to work from home. All the tools are accessible from anywhere using any device. The new cloud model also allows Microsoft to release new development tools and functionalities directly to their customers. There is no installation of upgrades required that would waste the users’ time.

There are a lot of time-saving features and applications in Dynamics 365 that will be highly beneficial to everyone working from home. Here we take a look at the capabilities of these features and why you should start using them to boost your productivity when working remotely.

Get Powerful Visualization and Analytics

With Power BI, users get rich data visualizations, dashboards, and access to reliable analytics tools. It allows everyone working from home to apply machine learning and improve business insights and processes without looking for such services.

You can also modernize business interaction with applications by getting insights into real-world scenarios using mixed reality. Using such powerful tools allows businesses to offer on-the-job training that will help to improve the experience using the Dynamics 365 guide.

Seamless Project Management with Forms

Working from home means you need to be able to collaborate with colleagues. The teams can involve large groups of customers or co-workers. Microsoft Forms allows you to design, create and distribute surveys, polls, or quizzes for all group members and see results in real-time. You have access to numerous themes that you can use to customize your brand and styles.

 99.9% Availability

Another powerful feature for using Microsoft productivity tools is the ease of accessing data remotely. The Dynamic 365 operates natively on Microsoft Azure. It has all the benefits you can get from the expansive cloud fabric and data spread globally.

Users can access information from anywhere they are. Also, the data is always secure with the best security from Microsoft. They don’t mine your business data for marketing or advertising. Working from home is hugely beneficial since you reduce operational costs and maximize productivity with seamless access to business data.


Every service within Dynamics 365 is compliant with applicable privacy and protection laws. These address the stickiest security and privacy needs that businesses should have. Your organization will meet all the existing standards and respond to new standards as they emerge when using these tools.

Microsoft Service Trust Portal and Compliance Manager allow you to access your compliance control and learn more about implementing the control for a specific regulatory requirement.


Need Help With Microsoft Productivity Tools?

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