microsofts-dynamics-365-is-evolving-top-companies-loreal-chipotle-ikeaWhen life brings with it a pandemic of substantial proportions, Microsoft speeds up to bring businesses the solution for success. Take a company that’s 10% e-commerce and 90% in store. A switch is necessary to keep afloat during COVID-19. The new products added to Dynamics 365 will make that switch possible. At the 2020 Microsoft Business Applications Summit, Alysa Taylor, Corporate Vice President Microsoft Business Applications and Global Industry, shows how different organizations make changes.

How can businesses apply business practices that adhere to the COVID-19 Pandemic? It starts with agility. A business has to stretch in ways that may seem unnatural or altogether new. When that happens, technology helps businesses become proactive in not only fulfilling their needs but also the customers.

How Microsoft 365 Helped a World Renowned Cosmetic Company

Taylor describes how L’Oreal, a beauty product business, started creating hand sanitizers to meet the needs of the public. By using technology, LOREAL could move from being reactive to being proactive. Another example is, how it moved from selecting Dynamics 365 to deploying it within a few weeks. Companies are moving faster with their deployments.

“We took a very aggressive approach inside L’Oréal, so in a little over a year, we launched Microsoft Office 365, including Exchange Online, Teams, and OneDrive across the full ecosystem of 86,000 users. As we brought the technology, security, and the business together, the adoption of Teams skyrocketed. We’re now moving ahead with Teams Meetings, which will deliver more video, more interaction, and a sense that they’re working closer together,” say Barbara Lavernos, Chief Technology and Operations Officer at L’Oreal.

“At L’Oreal, we want the best for our employees. The new technology that allows for personality, contributions, and real innovation is Microsoft Teams.”

Along with Microsoft 365, L’Oreal also uses Power BI to empower its employees with business intelligence through intuitive dashboard. “With Power BI, you don’t have to be a data scientist to create a decent dashboard that quickly answers questions,” says Fernandez. “When more employees can access actionable information, there’s an increase in better decision making.”


Microsoft Delivers a More Comprehensive Package

Businesses integrate and analyze data from original sources. This is not a new concept. However, today Microsoft delivers a more comprehensive portfolio by integrating various assets from application development to customer engagement. It does this in what they call the Power Platform. As part of Dynamics 365, the Power Platform includes Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agent. These applications open for more laymen users.

More Valuable Customer Experiences

The 2020 Microsoft Business Applications Summit switches things around. Microsoft not only changes to a virtual event, it takes the lead in sharing how customers are proactive in their engagement.  For example, by using Microsoft’s tracing feature, IKEA could stimulate the experience of a customer and follow that with a chat-box response. On another note, Chipotle uses connectors in the Microsoft platform to experience a 360-view of the customer: point-of-sale transactions, digital transactions, reward information web, and mobile usage data.  Such an extensive view provides a real-time experience–a customer places an order on a mobile app and the customer’s profile updates instantly.

The 2020 Microsoft Business Applications Summit gives more examples that show how multiple products are working with Dynamics 365. 


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