The digital landscape seems to be alive with the sound of  wannabee software vendors: they clamor for market share, but with little technical heft to offer their customers before and after sale support. But as aspiring as those vendors might be to capture their bit of market share, they will remain forever stuck in a netherland of dollars-only existence.

First-time buyers of ERP: it’s scary out there…

Let’s face it. It’s scary out there for those first-time purchasers of ERP software. And for many SMBs the challenge is always to learn from their mistakes, such as buying too quickly and without a strategy for implementation.

Understand, fully, your need for ERP…

The pre-purchase journey should start with a full assessment of all of the business processes that drive the company, or organization. But, too often stakeholders are in too much of a hurry to retire their legacy systems. Consequently, they find themselves taking short cuts, and reaching for an ERP platform for all the wrong reasons.

It’s up to the decision-makers to do their due diligence among the vendors offering today’s ERP software. As such, it makes a heck-of-a-lot of sense to ‘reach for the gold,’ as it were, in finding a Microsoft Dynamics partner like Technology Management Concepts (TMC).

Why it makes sense to ‘reach for the Gold’…

Not just any partner, but a Microsoft Gold partner.

Ahh…but isn’t this designation given because the vendor has sold enough Dynamics software to fill Fort Knox? Sales are only part of the requirements to receive certification.

The Dynamics Gold partner distinction reflects the level of “competencies” earned by the vendor, like TMC, in both the CRM and ERP platforms. While the certification is also a nod to a vendor for having four Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCPs) onboard, the technical bar is raised considerably when it comes to the Redmond Giant’s Dynamics products: Gold Partners must have garnered competencies among six MCPs.

But that’ not all. Microsoft wants the vendor to show proof of how they provided customer solutions over the past 12-month period; this, based on ‘technology’ and ‘product’ know-how.

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