ERP consulting starts with analysis of 'need' before the sale

Every business owner has their go-to person for fleshing out ideas. But when it comes to deciding on what ERP software is right for the company, it’s probably best to seek out an ERP consulting service, one who will preview company needs before making a recommendation.

For sure, that trusted individual who just helped steer you away from launching a new product line at the wrong time, should be consulted—but not for something as critical as an ERP implementation and deployment.

“It’s easy to rely on one trusted individual within an organization to shepherd the process. However, that person likely doesn’t have anywhere near the experience of an entire ERP consulting team.”  Daniel Hanawait, Manufacturing Business Technology, September 9, 2015

Unfortunately, mention the word, “consultant,” and it’s bound to make the CFO shudder. But hiring a general consultant is one thing while enlisting the help of an ERP specialist, like Technology Management Concepts (TMC), is truly another.  TMC offers a full line of Microsoft Dynamics software with support before the sale:

  • A thorough review of needs and requirements in relation to existing processes
  • Set up a pilot system based on the needs analysis.
  • Train and test: pinpoint legacy systems and migrate data to the new software.
  • Checks in place for the go-ahead on implementation.
  • Ongoing support through a help-desk as well as free webinars and user group sessions.

The above is a cursory summary of what you can expect from TMC and their team of ERP specialists. Contact us to learn more about the hands-on experience TMC provides SMBs, such as small manufacturing and distribution companies.

Written by B.H. (Consulting Team)