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Microsoft Social Engagement

With the Social Engagement Tool, start understanding your customer. Using keywords and phrases, Dynamics 365 for Marketing analyze the Social Media behavior of your customers to better understand their sentiment and engagement about your product and brand.

>>> For more details, go to the Dynamics 365 Enterprise Ed. SPRING 2018 Release notes <<<

Social Engagement includes four main categories of capabilities:

  • Social insights

    This feature offers an interactive way to analyze the social media conversations, such as native-language-based sentiment analysis across a broad set of sources. This is helping you to identify the most important conversations. The feature is based on the ability to analyze sentiment and intention. Using Real-Time Update, you can search and track accurate data like never before.

  • Brand reputation

    The brand reputation capability allows you to adjust your conversation around your brand and understand social media conversations about products and services. With intelligent alerts, you stay ahead of any potential public relations crisis and receive notifications when significant changes on social media are detected. The main benefit of this feature is the possibility to identify, track, and connect with brand influencers and industry experts.

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  • Social care

    With Social Care, community managers can engage with their customers on social media. Always searching for conversations, this automated feature is using a set of customized rules to assign social media posts to the right audience. You can then, follow-up, or create cases in Dynamics 365.

  • Social selling

    This feature helps sellers build their social presence and credibility by providing intelligent and personalized recommendations about their company, brands, services, and products. The Social Selling Assistant lets people share these recommendations with their social networks, which underlines their social presence and eventually helps them find more leads and close more deals.