Why you Should Move to the Intelligent Edge with Azure

Cloud partners have 2x the growth and 1.5x the gross profit

Data is growing every second of every day. To ensure your company stays ahead of this all-encompassing level of computing and intelligence, we need compute capabilities that extend the power of the cloud to mobile and IoT devices—we want to consume all data no matter how or where we live or work. This cloud-enabled “edge” of devices lets data, applications, and intelligence flow to where people are, creating a new class of applications that enable a more natural user interface. Today’s opportunities and insights enable unlimited growth possibilities, with cloud partners having 2x the growth and 1.5x the gross profit of their less cloud-friendly peers.

Businesses across all industries from transportation to manufacturing to healthcare are utilizing this intelligent edge and realizing the benefits. With highly scalable and sophisticated data analytics services built on the Microsoft Azure platform, Rolls-Royce uses that data to improve the reliability and efficiency of air travel. United Technologies Corp, which builds millions of products from elevators to aerospace equipment, is using Azure to help predict and respond to customer needs. Premera Blue Cross is the largest health plan in the Pacific Northwest and is integrating a new AI-powered health bot to give customers self-service access to health-related questions and information.

In case you’re wondering how to move your data to the cloud, here are a few easy ways to get started …

Internet of Things (IoT)

Create the Internet of Your Things by connecting your devices, assets, and sensors to collect untapped data. Improve performance and reduce costs with remote monitoring. Predict equipment failures before they happen with predictive maintenance.

Machine Learning (ML)

Take AI everywhere and to everyone using a cloud service for data scientists and developers. It helps you build intelligent solutions, analyze data, build better models faster, and orchestrate your machine learning development life cycle—with the confidence that your data is protected with enterprise-grade security.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Create the next generation of applications—spanning an intelligent cloud as well as an intelligent edge powered by AI—with the Azure platform and a wide portfolio of productivity tools, including cognitive services.


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