Microsoft Dynamics implementation: use a liaison to communicate with staff and vendors.

SMB owners are painfully aware, no doubt, of the disruption and push back that occurs whenever new software is in the queue for implementation. Granted, anything ‘new’ says ‘change,’ and employees may forever wish, at some point, for the reincarnation of their legacy programs.

On-premise versus cloud implementation

The implementation process, particularly for on-premise software, is almost routine: time lines are made, key personnel brought into the loop, IT is stressed and voila! let the implementation begin.

But with today’s growth of cloud-hosted SaaS platforms, can the implementation be that difficult? After all, doesn’t the software ‘reside’ up the in the ubiquitous cloud for the hosting company to attend to?

In part, the answer is ‘yes.’ And that is one of the often quoted reasons why companies are moving to cloud services, which is to reduce IT costs while bringing more productivity opportunities to the forefront.

Microsoft Dynamics Implementation

It is not uncommon, during the implementation phases of today’s enterprise resource planning software, such as  Microsoft Dynamics and NetSuite, to establish a point team at the outset; this, to streamline communications between staff, and vendors as they become a hands-on liaison during this process.

What’s more, the liaison helps educate users during a Microsoft Dynamics implementation, for example, including the C-level staff, thereby ensuring the software’s company-wide acceptance. More importantly, though, users will then see first-hand the benefits stemming from the new platform.

Freeing up IT resources

A cloud-hosted platform, like NetSuite or Microsoft Dynamics, doesn’t drain the IT brain trust as much as the on-premise implementation might do, allowing them more time to be innovative for the company.

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