At the center of today’s business processes lies immense layers of complexities, the kind that can hammer data collection and attempts at maintaining good customer relations.

In short, and within the spectrum of so much data, it’s no wonder that businesses may push back on the idea of integrating an ERP platform into their inventory of legacy applications like Excel, for example.

Before stakeholders come to agree on embracing the platform, they should first consider a number of factors that may very well affect their Microsoft Dynamics implementation.

A few of the considerations may prompt questions like:


Is an ERP the ‘right choice’ for your business?

It’s easy to look at other ways of doing business, such as using an ERP system,  that seem—on the surface—the dream-answer to the daily challenges facing the company or organization.

Surprisingly, a deep look within the inner-workings of the company, such as what existing reporting systems might very well offer solutions to a major cause of problems; too, looking at the company Intranet and other portals might identify ongoing problems as well as their solutions.


Clear objectives?

Let’s face it. Before implementing the Dynamics ERP platform it’s crucial for all stakeholders to agree on expectations from the software. In short, will they receive better financials and overall data management—-key reasons why businesses embrace Microsoft Dynamics ERP!


Will you outsource IT when needed?

Achieving operational efficiency with the software can, frankly, be a complicated process. As such, it often behooves a company to use resources outside their organization. Often, the amount of time and the need for skilled people in the implementation process is woefully underestimated.


Do you understand the system before  ‘customizing?’

It pays to get everyone moderately comfortably with the Dynamics ERP before reaching out to changing certain modules—particularly with the finance and human resources programs.

For the most part, a premature strategy of customizing the software can present more time-stresses on IT and other personnel.

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