Dynamics GP 2015

As a small-business owner, you and your staff have spent countless hours vetting accounting software packages for your growing manufacturing company. Your primary concern was investing too many dollars in a system whose features you wouldn’t need to tap until years down the road. That’s why you chose Microsoft Dynamics GP for your ERP system, and why its scalability met your requirements for a platform you could grow into. At first, you were concerned that the tide was turning wholly toward cloud-based ERP/Financials, CRM suites. Not so. Microsoft understood the need for both on-premise and online capabilities when they designed the Dynamics product line.

As such, owners can choose to keep certain processes, like sales and marketing and customer service, in the cloud; this, while maintaining financials and critical data within an on-premise network.

Last summer, as noted in CIO magazine, the release of Dynamics GP 2015 R2 meshed the ERP suite more closely with the “deeper interoperability with Microsoft Azure,” a cloud-hosting service offering scalable use of SaaS, IaaS and PaaS components.

The Dynamics GP 2015 update provides users with a new app designed providing for better Time Management via mobile applications. Also, accounting departments can quickly spot potential problem areas in their customer base, thanks to new, “visual indicators” to more quickly identify and resolve issues of credit limits.

Business owners opting to go with Dynamics GP 2015 are becoming part of the “roughly 47,000 companies worldwide use Dynamics GP… making it Microsoft’s second-most-popular ERP offering.”

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Written by  Consulting J.H (Consulting team)