Dynamics SL 2015 Cloud Offers 'Web Apps' with Grid to Excel for Seamless Integration

If you are service-based business with a need for solid financial and project management processes, then it’s time to ditch legacy programs offering little or no inter-connectivity to a single database management system.

How often do you and your staff ‘click’ in-and-out of separate programs, hoping to garner enough information to make sensible decisions? Needless to say, the room for error is exceedingly high with Excel, for example, when skipping from one spreadsheet to another, or adding numbers in the wrong columns and rows that produce inaccurate financials.

But if you’re thinking it’s time to retire your Excel program..it’s not. In fact, with Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 the software integrates with your Excel program, but in a more potent way.

Through the use of Dynamics SL cloud features, like Web Apps, select users are able to use their browser—on premise, or via remote devices—to update spreadsheets via Grid to Excel. This can also be used to pull in data from the Inventory Transaction data, as well as Quick Query for Receipts: All accessible for input from digital devices.

In addition, users can access the SharePoint online module through Office 365 for document sharing and enhanced collaboration among team members—or vendors!

With Dynamics SL, an enterprise resource planning software, It’s no surprise that cloud applications can mean less time spent customizing on-premise programs, and more quality time nurturing innovations within the company.

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