Microsoft Dynamics ERP implementation: streamlined for quick deployments.

The reluctance among small to mid-size businesses to embrace today’s ERP platforms, like Microsoft Dynamics ERP, might have more to do with mistaken perceptions about any possible blow-backs from an ERP implementation.

In the past, ERP software was aligned, primarily, to the manufacturing sector, providing an array of benefits across all departments: factory floor supervisors relying on ERP to make change orders on the line, for example, with minimal disruption.

In addition, accounting departments were capable of  generating more reliable financial reports; furthermore, warehousing and distribution management, as well as parts inventories, could be monitored to decrease down times.

But the costs for such systems were astronomical, and stakeholders resigned themselves to the fact that the ERP implementation could take years to complete.

Today, it’s no secret that smaller organizations can exact the same benefits from ERP software as their enterprise-like brethrens. What’s more, implementations are streamlined and companies can often be up and running with out-of-the-box ERP solutions within hours.

More importantly, it behooves company owners to embrace the notion that ERP—and CRM—software is changing the way companies compete in the marketplace by relying less on legacy programs.

What’s more, as an article in Forbes points out, adding mobile to the mix and companies stand a better chance of meeting or beating their revenue goals.:

  • 27% predict mobile will be the biggest revenue driver for their company in the next 24 months.
  • 19% expect data and analytics will be the biggest contributor to revenue growth in the next 24 months.

To counter your competitors move into your market, and to find more innovative ways to bring in revenue, contact us. Ask for a demonstration on how the Dynamics software line can help increase ROI in every department. TMC’s 30 years of expertise will take your company’s ERP implementation to the next level.