Dynamics GP implementation for on-premise or cloud deployments

In those early years, business owners simply don’t realize just how much they truly need flexible solutions to an array of business processes, from finance and accounting to a robust system to manage sales and service.

Instead, they keep delaying the inevitable that one day all of the over customized programs and apps they’ve created to solve problems are actually creating more problems through lack of integration.

But for the small manufacturer or distributor using QuickBooks, Excel, and Outlook, for example, they rely on these iconic programs for daily tasks. Unfortunately, this one-dimensional approach to process management stifles the flow of internal information, not to mention impedes any chance to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

At its core, Dynamics GP provides real-time data for timely reports. Management is given access to data that ultimately leads to better decision-making.

Dynamics GP improves workflows and decreases time wasted searching for files and documents that may reside on multiple PCs. Furthermore, financial reports are more accurate due to fewer errors from data entry, such as duplications and inaccurate population of multiple columns and spreadsheets.

Dynamics GP opens the way for more collaboration and transparency throughout the organization. What’s more, with time saved searching or re-entering data the opportunity increases for better cost controls. Invariably such efficiencies improve cash flows and better ROI in all departments.

To find out how easy Dynamics GP implementation can be, and more information about the many subscription options for both on-premise and online use, contact us.

Written by J.C. (Consulting Team)