Welcome to the Feature of the Day series for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 R2! Each day we will highlight one or two new features that will showcase the new functionality coming soon. 

Feature 1 – Monthly Recurring Batches

First up is Monthly Recurring Batches for Receivables, Payables and Inventory Batches. A new checkbox called ‘Use last day of the month’ has been added for Monthly and Bimonthly batches. When marked it will automatically set the posting date to the last day of the month. So, if the batch below is posted the next posting date would be set to May 31. This is great because before (and without the box checked) it would default the posting date to May 30.



Feature 2 – Sales Transaction Workflow

A new workflow type is the next feature of the day for #GP2018 R2. Sales Transaction Workflow has been added as a new workflow in Workflow Maintenance. Not only can you set workflow approval on customer credit limits but you can set workflow approvals on all transaction types in Sales Transaction Entry. We added a new email message to work with sales transactions, just like the other workflow types. Workflow history is displayed in inquiry windows too.



Feature 3 – Display Vendor Hold Status

Today’s #GP2018R2 Feature of the Day is a new visual to Display Vendor Hold Status. This is similar to the customer hold status implemented in an earlier version of Dynamics GP. The new red icon will display next to the Vendor ID field in these windows:

Vendor Inquiry | Transactions by Vendor | Purchasing All-in-One View | Payables Transaction Entry Zoom


A warning message will also pop-up in the Payables Transaction Entry window.



Feature 4 – Option to Hide Business Analyzer for all Users

Two new options in System Preferences headline the #GP2018R2 Feature of the Day. Administrators can now hide Business Analyzer on both the Home Page and on Navigation List pages with these two new options.

Display Business Analyzer on Home Page
Display Business Analyzer on Navigation List pages

These are global settings to make it easier to turn off the feature if companies are not using Business Analyzer. Individual users can still choose to turn on Business Analyzer using customize options.



Feature 5 – Transaction Level Post Through General Ledger

Week 2 of Feature of the Day for #GP2018R2 starts with a new posting option, Post Through General Ledger Files. An additional option has been added to Posting Setup to allow transactions to post through GL if this option is marked. This means that if this option is marked, transactions will now post all the way through GL. The following is a list of supported transactions for this feature.

Invoice Entry – Receivables Apply Doc. – Receivables Cash Receipts – Receivables Sales Entry – Sales Deposits
Sales Trx Entry – Voided Trx Maintenance (Sales) – Payables Trx Entry – Payment Entry – Purchasing Invoice Entry
Purchasing Prepayments – Receivings Trx Entry – Returns Trx Entry – Assembly Entry – Transaction Entry (Inventory)
Transfer Entry – Manual Checks (Payroll) – Project Accounting Transaction windows except Project Closing



Feature 6 – Vendor Document Number added to Purchasing All-in-One View

The Vendor Document Number has been added to the Purchasing All-in-One View and that is your Feature of the Day for #GP2018R2. The All-in-One View is great for viewing related documents but most times the vendor document number is the one known, not the GP document number. So it has been added in the payments and credit documents columns for easy reference.



Feature 7 – New SmartList for Deposits on Unposted Sales Transactions

With #GP2018R2 a new SmartList has been added to the default list. Deposits on Unposted Sales Transactions is a new option under Sales Transactions so you can quickly see customers that have put a deposit on a sales transaction but the sales transaction hasn’t been posted. No more searching through the sales records to see the deposits, now you have a new SmartList to view the details.



Feature 8 – Exclude Items on HITB report with zero quantity or value

The Historical Inventory Trial Balance (HITB) report has two new options for #GP2018R2 and that is our Feature of the Day today. When printing the HITB report you can now decide if you want to include/exclude items with a zero quantity or value. The new options are:

Include Items with Zero Quantity – Include Items with Zero Value

These items will be excluded on the report if the options are not checked. By default these items were included before but now you have a choice when printing the HITB report. If you do not want to print zero quantity/value items then leave these check-boxes unmarked.