In today’s digital world is there such a thing as a company having too much customer data—as noted in Forbes—for their CRM software to analyze? Furthermore, can small to medium-size businesses use their CRM platforms to extract minimal amounts of data to not only identify customer buying patterns, but also discern market shifts that call for changes in product designs?

Odd as it might seem, SMBs are looking more and more to each other for help in formulating their best digital practices, as Forbes points out in an overview on “small businesses…helping each other manage mobile—the finding stems from a recent Facebook and World Bank, Future of Business Survey.

“Businesses that said they learn from each other were also more likely to be optimistic about the economy, interested in international trade and were more likely to have hired in the past six months or to have plans to hire in the near-future.”

Technology Management Concepts is a Dynamics 365 partner that can help you navigate the best digital practices that fit your company. Dynamics 365 offers a solutions to such digital initiatives in today’s competitive global marketplace: The cloud-based software (Azure hosted) provides both a Business Central Edition (formerly known as Dynamics NAV) aimed at SMBs as well as an ERP platform for medium to large companies. Bundled as a single, database management system, users can access data in real-time on their digital devices, be it CRM, BI (business intelligence), or as a “post-modern ERP” system to govern operational and administrative tasks for more “business flexibility and agility.”

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