Empowering Business Growth: TMC’s Experience at Directions North America 2023

This year’s Directions North America conference was a particularly special one for TMC. As a Dynamics 365 partner, we were excited to participate in this event, which gathers Dynamics partners from various parts of the industry, including ISVs, technology experts, and executives, to share updates and thought leadership insights related to D365 BC.

TMC’s president, Jennifer, and marketing manager, Roland, served as first-time Directions NA panelists, inspiring and mentoring other Dynamic partners on business development and marketing, which was humbling to witness 

This year’s conference holds significant importance to us since it aligns with our product and business focus. We recently expanded our Business Central department as part of our ongoing efforts to keep up with Microsoft’s most recent innovations. Our active participation in Directions North America 2023 not only established our reputation as a prominent partner in the BC community but also provided us with invaluable networking opportunities and insights. We were excited to share our knowledge, learn from industry leaders, and form connections with ISV partners to support their products and learn how our clients can benefit from them.  

It was the first time where different partners weren’t against each other. It felt like there’s plenty for everyone, and we all have the same mission, which is to make sure that our GP and NAV clients can continue to be supported and benefit from Microsoft’s business solutions as they evolve.”

Eron C. | TMC’s VP of Consulting

A Collaborative and Future-Focused Conference 

One of the surprising benefits of attending Directions North America this year was the opportunity to collaborate with others in the industry and discuss ways to develop and improve. Instead of going into it with purely transactional intentions, the event allowed for a more fruitful and collaborative experience. 

“This event, especially, really allows us to focus less on the day-to-day business, but more on the strategy and the future of the industry. I felt as though we were able to talk about things that we usually don’t get a chance to talk about, because when we have a call with a partner – there is an agenda. There is a goal for that call. It’s never, ‘Hey, let’s talk about the future of the industry,’ these calls don’t exist.”

Roland C. | TMC’s Marketing Manager

Microsoft’s End-to-End Solution and TMC’s Reflection on Progress

Another valuable aspect of the conference was the keynote speech, which highlighted Microsoft’s unparalleled end-to-end solution. Microsoft’s complete control and ownership of their cloud, ERP, CRM, and AI enables them to offer a truly comprehensive package, which sets them apart from the competition. This further reinforces Microsoft as an industry leader, in which we are immensely proud to partner with and support.  

Microsoft is doing a best of breed. What’s interesting with AI and with what is happening is that Microsoft has Business Central on Azure – on our own cloud, using our own Copilot, and nobody else can say thatAmazon doesn’t have an ERP, so you’re using someone’s cloud and someone’s ERP, someone’s CRM, someone’s AIBut Microsoft owns it all, you know? So they can control it all, and I think it’s Microsoft’s competitive advantage.

Jennifer H. | TMC’s President & CEO


TMC’s Contribution to the Growing Business Central Community

Perhaps most importantly, attending Directions North America gave us the opportunity to reflect on our own company’s progress and achievements. We were able to see firsthand how far we’ve come as a business and where we stand in the industry. It was also inspiring to see how much the Business Central community has grown and evolved, and we’re confident that this is the future of our clients and our business. 

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