Common Myths about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Busted

You’ve been working with Microsoft GP for as long as you can remember. It’s been a reliable system and it provides you with all of the tools you need to be successful.

But you keep getting calls about switching to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, and you’re not convinced it’s the best move. There are likely some common myths that you’ve heard about this cloud-based system, but we’re here to debunk them and convince you that making the switch is going to benefit your business!

1. “Moving to the cloud is too expensive – implementation cost is too high!”

Some business owners are worried that the costs outweigh the gains when they consider switching from Microsoft Dynamics GP to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. In reality, though, it’s actually cheaper when taking into account the cost to maintain the on-premise system. Money spent on IT and parts to fix their system cost much more than the Cloud ERP system. Additionally:

  • It takes up more time and money to find a Microsoft partner who can support their needs since most have transitioned to Dynamics 365
  • Users do have the option to choose a subscription so they can pay as they go and cancel if needed

While it would be an initial investment to make the switch to a more convenient Cloud ERP system, it will save you time, money, and stress in the long run!

2. “There will be a big learning curve, which will take up more time!”

It’s common for there to be anxiety when considering switching to a new system. You’re comfortable with what you have now and know it well! TMC and our clients have actually found that Dynamics 365 is easier to use. While we can’t promise there won’t be a learning curve, we can assure you that Business Central has a more user-friendly interface system and comes with demos that can be watched via YouTube to help you learn the system fast! The terms and language used on GP are easily translated to Business Central, making for a smooth transition!

3. “Dynamics GP has all the features and support I need!”

Because Dynamics GP works for you now, doesn’t mean that you’re not missing out on all the awesome features that you would have with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central! There are a lot of awesome Dynamics 365 features that Microsoft GP doesn’t have, including:

  • The functionality to integrate with additional Microsoft and third-party systems is embedded directly into 365 so you won’t have to switch windows to work
  • Dimensions helping you to simplify your “chart of accounts” and allowing you to easily “post, organize, analyze, and report on your data in deeper and more meaningful ways”
  • A subscription that works to support a whole team of people and eliminates “concurrent user” restrictions and makes it easier for employees to work remotely
  • Customizing your Dynamics 365 Business Central to your company’s needs easily and utilizing all the efficient automated processes
  • Working remotely, both internally and with clients, vendors, and business partners, more easily since Dynamics 365 is accessible anywhere on any device

In addition to all these added features, Microsoft GP won’t be the solution forever. While Microsoft GP may temporarily be able to supply you with all the features you need, you will eventually need support if there’s a bug in the system or have any questions since they plan to end their GP support in 2028. This means it will be more difficult to find support for your system and there won’t be any more updates to fix common software bugs.

4. “There’s no physical backup!”

It was common with technology in the past to have a hard copy in case your system took a turn for the worst. It was easy to lose everything and we understand that fear is hard to let go of! However, Microsoft Dynamics has faced this issue head-on and now the cloud offers data recovery. So, if you’re system does have any issues, you’ll be able to pull the information back out of the cloud and onto your device in a snap.

They’ve also made data sharing a lot easier and more shareable. This is especially necessary for today’s common work-from-home working environment!

5. “The cloud system is more prone to data breaches!”

Interestingly enough, your data and secure information are actually safer on the cloud than it is in Microsoft GP. This is due to Microsoft 365 implementing various security features including authentication and data encryption, and you can safely integrate with other services! Learn more about all the security features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central here!

Benefits of working with an ERP service provider

Finding an ERP service provider that’s right for your company’s needs will help you successfully customize and integrate your new Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central cloud system without skipping a beat! Microsoft Business partners like TMC are trained heavily on the ins and outs of this system and are ready to guide you in planning your migration and roadmap to success with this new system.

Contact us at TMC to talk about making the switch to Microsoft 365 Business Central today!

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