4 Reasons To Offer Microsoft Dynamics NAV Training

Microsoft Dynamics NAV training is critical within the workplace. While it can seem like an unnecessary expense and a waste of time, Dynamics NAV training is a necessity to the overall workflow of your business. You need to find a tried & true Microsoft partner like TMC that has completed 1,000’s of ERP implementations and can provide your team with worthwhile training.

There are four reasons why you want to refresh your employees with Dynamics NAV training.

1. Improved Productivity

Productivity could be low right now and that’s because you are using multiple programs – or no one has truly figured out how to work Microsoft Dynamics. The moment you train all of your employees, you can see productivity start to rise. This is something that should be revisited at least once every year or two.

2. Access to More Functions

Training is going to show everyone how to utilize the ERP program. This will provide everyone with access to more of the functions, which includes business intelligence and reports with insight. Streamlined operations can then take effect because of having the information you need at your fingertips. You also might implement additional modules that you aren’t currently using giving you better insight to other departments of your company via the hundreds of canned reports in Dynamics NAV.

3. Employee Development

When you offer training, you can develop employees for bigger and better things. While someone may only be responsible for payroll, you can train them on the other components of the ERP, including accounting, finance management, and more. This gives them the opportunity to move up within the organization and gives you a fallback plan when employees go on vacation or leave the company.

4. Enhanced Job Skills

You have to look at employee retention and when you offer Microsoft Dynamics NAV training, you have the ability to provide job skills. Employees will be appreciative for these skills and that will make them want to stay within your organization for longer.

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