Who would ever think of owning a show-dog without ever giving it proper training? A weak analogy, perhaps, but many SMBs and organizations thinking about investing in a full-show-dog ERP may stop with the purchase. Training? “We’ll handle it.”

After all, why ‘waste’ the time on training when staff is too stressed as it is. Buy the software. Read a few manuals and just use the forums and chat rooms to implement it.

And, after all, everyone can learn at their own speed and….

Today, the mindset among many business owners is simply to forget the whole thing: cling to what’s worked well for them in the past, like Excel and Outlook and, hey, what’s a few extra hours among the departments if they have to spend time searching for files and documents?

But there’s no denying it, as Forrester notes on Twitter, “The Future of Business is Digital,” though many non-believers still cling to their legacy programs that offer little in the way for staff to be ‘collaborative’ on projects, or provide immediate accessibility via mobile devices. Overwhelmed with indecision, they trudge on. To them, it’s no big deal to to make a few phone calls to a manager in the field, or the sales rep on the road; and if they don’t have access to a pertinent file because it resides on desktop PC, it can wait: A perfect storm for losing customers, derailing projects and impacting the company’s profitability.

But the ‘fog’ of doubt looms over the latest advancements in the digital world. “Should we invest?” “What will it do for our business?”

More importantly, “Who’s going to train our staff to use Microsoft Dynamics GP? We bought it from a vendor who doesn’t offer tech support or training.”

That’s why, when it comes to investing in Dynamics GP, it’s crucial to a successful implementation to use a Microsoft partner like Technology Management Concepts (TMC).

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