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Dynamics GP Tips & Tricks: Create Your Own Financial Account Inquiries

Dynamics GP Tips & Tricks

Another Dynamics GP Tips & Tricks solution can is found here. Use the Account Rollup Inquiry window to view segment-based inquiries using options you created in the Account Rollup Inquiry Options window. You can view for open or historical years. This allows you to create a custome inquiry, specific to your needs, and then recall that inquiry at any time. 

  • Account Rollup Inquiry

Inquiry > Financial > Account Rollup
Enter or Select Option ID
Click ‘Modify’ Button to Open Account Rollup Inquiry Options Window to Create Segment Based Inquiry
Click ‘Redisplay’ to View Previously Created Inquiry

  • Specify Segments and Type of Information to View

Inquiry > Financial > Account Rollup > ‘Modify’ Button
Select Sort By: Segment
Select Number of Columns in Lookup
Enter Column Heading(s)
Select Column Type
Select Budget for Budget Type Column
Enter Calculation Formula for Calculated Type Column
Select Segment(s) to Query
Click ‘Inquiry’ Button

  • Specify Calculation for Calculated Column

Inquiry > Financial > Account Rollup > ‘Modify’ Button > Click Expansion Arrow When Calculated Column Type is Selected
Select Columns and Enter Constants and Operators for Calculation

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