“Microsoft is also developing a “companion app” that would enable Dynamics GP users to easily request time off.”

–From Gladys Rama, Microsoft Releases Dynamics GP 2015 R2, on June 1, 2015 in rcpmag.com.

So now your brain has checked out and you are already making arrangements for that wonderful vacation in the mountains or by the water or wherever. Yes.

First though, you’ll have to get through mountains of work. If one of the things you’re in charge of, or have something to do with, involves moving your companys’ Microsoft Dynamics GP implementation up into the cloud, it may be reassuring to know the whole process, thanks to a Microsoft GP Partner like TMC, this is made much easier thanks to recent developments. From the same article cited above, “The new release features “[s]implified Microsoft Azure deployment with new scripts and utilities to help Microsoft Dynamics partners automate provisioning of Microsoft Dynamics GP instances on Microsoft Azure,” according to Microsoft’s announcement.” That’s definitely good news for those organizations who are eager to take advantage of the great Power BI and integration with Office 365 that Microsoft Azure offers, and who are now looking at a shorter time frame for getting Microsoft Dynamics GP instances on Microsoft Azure deployed.

Remember too that your Microsoft Dynamics GP partner is there to offer the training your staff will need to best utilize the new tools and options that are becoming available as a result of these major new developments. When you think of Azure, what first comes to mind is probably the ocean waters at your vacation destination. But your Microsoft Dynamics GP implementation must be dealt with. If indeed you plan on taking it up into that glowing blue cloud, call us. You might find that the whole thing will be done correctly much sooner than anticipated and that means the way is clear for your vacation plans.

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