Dynamics GP Azure in Good Company - Survey Shows CIOs Favoring Microsoft

“I need more data, Watson!” Sherlock Holmes, “The Mystery of the Addleton Curse.”

Sherlock Holmes knew the importance of collecting all the facts before attempting to solve his cases, even though Watson would, at times, prematurely ask the iconic sleuth for opinions well-before all the data was in.

Today’s data sleuths use ERP and CRM software to identify, collect and analyze all the competitive data they can to give their companies that needed edge in the marketplace. In addition, small to medium-size business are turning more and more to such technology such as Microsoft Dynamics GP Azure, to streamline their business processes.

What’s more, Microsoft Dynamics GP Azure’s SaaS offering of Dynamics GP software not only provides a platform for quick deployment, but ease of management and scalability. SMBs turn to Dynamics GP as a single database management system for financial and inventory management, as well as a robust project accounting software.

A recent JPMorgan CIO study reveals that about 16% of today’s “enterprise workloads” are shifting to the cloud. That percentage is expected to “nearly triple within the next five years” as CIOs weigh the benefits of using the cloud to cut expenses while maximizing the efficiency of business processes.

In short, the survey points to the trend of CIOs lining up to “favor Dynamics GP Azure over AWS:”

“CIOs have long doted on Microsoft and have cut it a lot of slack as it has figured out Azure. In 2013, a Piper Jaffray survey found that 45% of CIOs picked Microsoft as their “most important vendor…”

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