Dynamics GP Azure - Scalable with 24-7 Accessibility

Without a doubt, the state of play in today”s enterprise resource planning (ERP) world is taking place in the cloud, and, needless to say, Microsoft”s Azure is the platform for reliable, secure and scalable software, like Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016.

For business owners still relying on a hodgepodge of non-integrated programs to handle their accounting, monitor production and inventory, or “track” materials and product throughout their supply chain, the time for those SMBs to seize the day is now.

The same is also true for companies still using a “legacy” ERP system, and who have over-customized their software to extend the usability of older apps and programs.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 provides an array of business solutions delivered in a single, database management system. Still, Dynamics GP users are not bound to an all-in deployment to the cloud. On the contrary, a hybrid approach is very common: proprietary data and critical programs can remain on-premise, while migrating other processes to the cloud.

Dynamics GP Azure Platform is Completely Scalable

More importantly, the Dynamics GP Azure platform is completely scalable, not to mention the 24/7 accessibility for mobile access by digital devices, like tablets and smartphones. What”s more, Dynamics GP uses HTML5 to make formatting compatible without the need for special plug-ins and application program interfaces (APIs).

Learn more about the cost-effectiveness of using Dynamics GP”s cloud opportunities. Users only pay for modules and cloud services they use—ideal to handle an increase in workflow for special projects or business cycles.

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