Microsoft Dynamics NAV has emerged as a major player in the playing field of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. Dynamics NAV can resolve different issues of SMB’s through a set of built-in programs. There are different solutions available for different departments of the company.

The technique is useful in helping make quick strategic decisions when real time data about sales, marketing and finance are available. This also enables owners and top level employees to make crucial marketing decisions for the company. Those employees can also take advantage of the emerging market opportunities. Dynamics NAV is sensible for supply chain management too. This suite contains manufacturing applications that takes into account the different aspects of manufacturing process like order, supply, planning and execution, as well as helping manage inventory by reducing distribution costs. Through Dynamics NAV Warehouse Management module, Order Planning and Order Processing is achievable too.

Quality control is significant in the manufacturing process to obtain best results. It starts right from the time raw materials are sent to inventory and ends with testing the finished materials before shipments. Dynamics NAV is used as a set of modules. Creating test specification of individual items -> performing the test -> recording the test results -> transferring the item to respective departments for usage or shipment; that’s how the software works. Test results which fail to conform to the specifications are termed as exceptions and removed at once.

It is impossible to think about a company’s survival without customers. Goods are manufactured for the customers who in turn help in the generation of revenue. Thus, the need for a well-organized customer relations management system arises. Dynamics NAV succeeds in maintaining customer records, tracking activities, sales history and sales campaign requirements. It directly links to the Dynamics CRM system embedded in it. It as well has the same look and feel of all other Microsoft items such as Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Word. Giving employees a seamless transition while using any of the Microsoft products with minimal learning curves.

When profit levels show a fall and costs show a rise, companies often resort to expert advice to understand where things went wrong. Under such circumstances, it is best to implement a proper cost accounting module. This module covers all the major components of cost structure namely, labor, material and subcontractors. Dynamics NAV provides the tools to sort and arrange cost data on a daily basis. As a result, it is possible to check costs incurred on activities which are not essential for the company. Due to the fruitful use of this system, the company can take interest in using control measures to curb wastage.

Dynamics NAV is a smart and uncomplicated business management solution, which helps reorganize the entire business processing system. It ensures efficiency and healthy performance in each process. It is acceptable and usable in several organizations all over the world. The ease to adapt to changes in the business environment accompanied by effective implementation has made it popular everywhere. In short, it’s an innovative, smart, cost-saving effort to enhance company productivity by organizing various business processes.

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