Cloud based computing services come in many flavors for many different types of projects. The big players – Amazon EWS, Rackspace, and Microsoft Azure – offer competing services with different features.

Microsoft Azure TrainingFor a complete, one stop solution for cloud computing, Microsoft Azure offers one of the most robust platforms around. Starting with their well-designed portal, a user can set up any one of a number of services. For example, a business owner can set up a website, database, and a back end for a mobile app in about a dozen clicks.

Once these services are “provisioned” as Microsoft has dubbed the process, initializing and maintaining the services is very simple. Documentation for publishing code is fairly straightforward, and most services come with a guided tutorial for how to get them up and running. Maintenance is easy, with a graphical interface that allows for an administrator to scale any project up or down with a slider. Azure can also be set up to “auto scale,” eliminating guess work and thus reducing cost.

Possibly the best feature Azure offers is its compatibility with itself. Websites, databases, mobile apps, and other services can all be programmed to work seamlessly with each other. Managing different applications also becomes much easier on Azure due to the well-designed portal, and some features Microsoft has built to allow for communication between apps, such as the various hubs and service gateways.

Microsoft Azure Training – We’ll Get You Up and Running

Microsoft has done an excellent job of providing a powerful service that allows for immense flexibility for those who need it, but also providing incredible pre-built services that make application development and maintenance much easier. If you want to learn about how we can help you use Azure and get the best Microsoft Azure training, contact us and we’ll get you up and running.

Written by B.H (Sales team)