Why Microsoft Azure is the Best Cloud Solution for your Business

Microsoft Azure has enjoyed tremendous growth over the past decade, and for a good reason. It is a highly reliable cloud platform with a growing adoption by Fortune 500 companies and other organizations that want to use it as part of their business continuity strategy.

80% of enterprises are using Microsoft Azure for their business. This percentage is up from 73% last year. This means there are many great benefits associated with using Microsoft Azure. Learn more about them here!

Fortune 500 Companies are already using it

Microsoft is the leader in cloud computing, and Azure is the most used cloud platform among Fortune 500 companies. This means it’s been around long enough to have a large user base and be well-known among corporations. It has also been built with security in mind, making it an attractive option for companies who want to use their own systems as opposed to other cloud services.

Microsoft has also invested heavily in its research and development department so they can produce new technologies that help make their products better than ever before. With this commitment, you know your data will be protected when you move it over to Azure!


Azure is compliant with all major regulations, including GDPR and HIPAA. It’s also easy to manage compliance:

  • You can control access to data in your cloud environment. This allows you to ensure that only authorized users can access specific information or files on your network. You’ll be able to do this by creating policies that determine who has read/write rights for a particular resource (e.g., database).
  • If something goes wrong with one of these policies, Azure provides automated alerts so that administrators are notified immediately about any potential issues—and they can take action quickly before they become more severe than they need be!

It can be used as a Standalone ERP or Hybrid

Azure is a cloud-based ERP solution that can be used as a standalone or hybrid solution. You can also use it to run your ERP system in the cloud, so you don’t have to worry about maintaining servers or having enough capacity. You can also use Azure to integrate your ERP system with other applications like a CRM like Dynamics 365 Sales (CRM).

It’s Scalable

You can use Azure to handle a growing number of workloads without worrying about your server’s resources running out of capacity. That’s because Azure offers multiple instances of each service in its cloud offering—think more than one copy of an app or database instance—so you only pay for what you need when it comes time to scale up or down.

Quick deployment of other applications

Azure provides a platform for hosting other applications. This makes it easier to deploy your own applications on the cloud and even allows you to host other people’s apps.


The cost-effective nature of Azure allows you to pay only for what you use. There are no hidden costs and no need to buy a separate license or upgrade your server.

Importance of Working with an Azure Provider to Guide you in your Cloud Migration

Cloud computing is a rapidly growing industry. As the market continues to expand, businesses need to ensure they have the proper infrastructure for their needs. For many companies, this means they should migrate their existing IT infrastructure over to an Azure cloud environment.

However, migrating from an on-premises environment to the cloud can be complex and confusing. There are many moving parts, and it’s easy for things to go wrong during this transition. The best way to ensure your migration goes smoothly is by working with a provider who has experience in this area and understands how best to guide you through the process to avoid getting stuck trying something that doesn’t work out!

Whether you are moving from on-premises to the cloud or vice versa. They will help you with all aspects of your migration, including:

  • The best way to get started and move forward with your move.
  • The best way to keep track of everything happening during this process.
  • How long it may take for each step along the way so that there are no surprises at any point.

Make Microsoft Azure your Go-to Cloud Migration Solution

Cloud migration is a big deal. It can be stressful and expensive, but it can also save you money in the long run.

A great cloud migration service provider like Technology Management Concepts can guide you through migrating to Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform confidently, so you know exactly what to expect from your migration experience and how it will affect your business.

Reach out to us today, and let us help you in your digital transformation journey.