CIO magazine offers ERP system implementation and deployment guidance

It’s may be one of those commonplace cliches, but the idea of getting everyone “on board” with future changes in the workplace is even more important when purchasing and implementing ERP software.

At the outset, as CIO magazine notes in its overview on the topic, companies are encouraged to filter out all of the hype during the vetting process. This includes surveying departmental expectation with this forewarning that is based on hard fact: don’t expect instantaneous results, be it “smoother” running processes or increased profitability at the outset of your ERP implementation

As such, stakeholders need to agree on both short and long-term goals within the organization; this, by department with well-timed implementation and training strategies in place. Overall, the chosen ERP platform must stand out as the one best suited for the company’s “monetary and time investment.”

Careful planning aids final decision-making for your ERP implementation, such as which deployment method to use of Microsoft Dynamics GP, for example: will the system be wholly on-line, using SaaS via Microsoft Azure hosting services, or an on-premise installation? Or, a hybrid solution where critical processes  remain on-premise and all others are cloud-based.

In the latter instance, look at this noteworthy survey conducted by the Boston-based Aberdeen Group. Definitely, there is a “…trend in companies, especially wholesalers and distributors toward the implementation of cloud-based or SaaS ERP solution.”

But before making the decision, review the CIO magazine offers ERP System implementation, deployment guidance and advice on how to choose ERP software. Their recommendations include the following:

“– Get upper management support.

“– Make a clear and extensive list of requirements before you start looking at vendors.

“— Don’t forget mobile users.

“— Think before you customize.”

“— Appoint an internal ERP product champion — and surround him or her with good people.

“— Provide the necessary time and resources for training on the ERP system.”

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Written by E.C (Consulting team)