Forbes Insight study touts ‘collaboration’ as signpost of success.A good reason to look into Dynamics GP cloud offerings:

When it comes to public cloud-hosting services, Microsoft’s Azure remains an agile juggernaut in the digital landscape, even with its  announcement of recent cost reductions.

Azure’s platform as a service (PaaS) and software as a service (SaaS) reflects the growing desire for companies to integrate their inventory of apps and data with cloud offerings, such as offered by Microsoft’s robust ERP software, Dynamics GP.

If ‘cloud-hosting’ is a prominent tag word today, then ‘collaboration’ and  Dynamics GP cloud, might well be added to that list. In fact, a global study conducted by Forbes Insight acclaims the steps companies are taking to become better communicators within their own organizations, with their customers, suppliers and “other external groups.”

“The ability to collaborate—across functional boundaries, time zones or even beyond organizational borders—is becoming an ever more critical determinant of success.”

In short, it’s the business tools found in ERP platforms like the Dynamics GP cloud, for example, that are opening the way to discovery, thanks to the ability to “see it in context and act on it that much faster.”

At its basic level, ERP software is taking a lot of the heavy-lifting away from multiple departments, such as back office accounting tasks, or tracking “cash, raw materials, orders, payrolls and production capacity,” as noted in an overview in CIO magazine.

Fortunately, SMB owners can migrate select services to a cloud-hosting service by using a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner like Technology Management Concepts.

Choose the right ERP solution and subscription levels for your current needs. Then, as your business expands, incorporate more modules into your platform. Online, or on-premise, Microsoft Dynamics software offers affordable solutions.

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Written by T.S (Technical Team)