Forbes: Microsoft Azure "consistently ranked as a leader."

Surprising, or just plain astonishing, the cloud “will never wipe out on-premises,” notes a content summary from a Forrester report  (“The Public Cloud is Now in Hypergrowth). In fact the total dollars in cloud services, including Saas, is expected to increase almost four-fold from revenues of $36 billion in 2013 to an expected $133 billion by 2020 

Maybe that’s why Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella proclaimed, as reported in the Wall Street Journal  just two months after he stepped in, the company’s shift to cloud-based services, and away from purely a Windows-first direction.

Although Microsoft Azure , the company’s cloud-hosting service, was launched only four years before Nadella’s new position, its stature in providing a “three stack”  offering that includes SaaS services for Microsoft Dynamics GP is indisputable, as noted in Forbes’ overview::

“Microsoft Azure, currently, is the only major cloud platform that is consistently ranked as a leader for both infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS).”

Such acclaim bodes well for companies wanting to align with a channel partner like Technology Management Concepts; this, to tap an array of powerful features offered by ERP stalwart, Dynamics GP. The mainstay of the Azure platform is its Azure Machine Learning. CIO magazine notes how GP users benefit from this aspect via GP’s “Meeting Sense Tool:”

“…key features for Dynamics are built on Azure services. For example, the Meeting Sense tool Microsoft … aims to analyze the interactions you’ve had with people you’re going to meet and show you pertinent information about them – is built on top of Azure Machine Learning.”

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Written by B.H. (Sales Team)