Microsoft | Sales Price Lists in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft | Sales Price Lists in Dynamics 365 Business Central

I want to show you an advanced pricing feature within Dynamics 365 Business Central. I’m going to show you the sales price list and how that’s used to set prices for different customers or different groups of customers. A similar functionality can also be used for purchasing. In order to use the sales price list, you have to activate the feature.

Feature Update: New Sales Pricing Experience

In order to activate it you want to go to the feature management page in your Business Central system locate this line the new sales pricing experience when you activate this. You will then have access to that new functionality when you do activate it, you’re going to get a warning message that tells you that some data may be changed and there’s no way to go backwards. So if you want to use this, you may want to try it first in a sandbox environment.

Customer Price Group

So what I’m going to show you today is the sales price list we’re going to look at customer price groups and how to suggest lines and copy lines within the sales price list and then I’ll run through a quick example to show you the differences depending on the customer, so let’s get started.
I’ve got some price lists already in my system. Let’s open up the standard price for 2023 and this one is in a draft status I’m still working on it or I don’t want it to be active and what I can do is I can create different price lists for different groups of customers based on the price group or the discount group.
I can also do pricing based on campaigns. If I’m using the CRM functionality within Business Central. so I’ve got a lot of flexibility I can also have a lot of different price lists what I’m going to do is create a new sales price list and show you some functionality that will make it easier to work with. So I’m going to create a new one for the next year. This is going to be my standard price list I’m not going to activate this necessarily I could if I wanted to but I’m going to create other price lists from this.

Suggest Lines

So what I want to do is fill this out a little bit more I’ll put some dates on here and then I want to do is use this function to suggest lines I’m just going to pull in all my inventory items into the price list. So let’s go ahead and do that when I do that you can see I’ve got all my items here and I’ve got the unit price. This is coming directly off the item card. So I’ve got this list here and I can make changes if I want to but what I want to do then is I also want to copy these lines
and make two separate price lists.

Copy Lines

I’m going to make one for wholesale and one for retail. I’m going to create a new list for 2024 wholesale and I’m going to copy the lines from the existing list. In this case I’m going to use the 2024 standard list and I’m just going to pull them all over but this is a wholesale list and I’ve got this adjustment Factor here.
This is a multiplication factor and I’m going to adjust this down a little bit to 90 percent put that in hit OK and now I’ve got a new list with all the same items and the unit prices have been reduced by 10 percent. So what I can do is I’m going to put a start date and end date on this and I can activate this make it active
so now this is active for that time period. So this is basic functionality in the sales price list allows me to easily create new lists copy lines from existing lists and make bulk changes to the pricing in the example that I’m going to show you I use customer price groups to differentiate the prices between retail and wholesale.
I set up these two price groups here you can see them here and the price calculation method I’m going to use is to use the lowest price so I might have multiple price lists out there but I want to get the best price for my customer based on that customer and the active price list at the time, so I’m using this I assign these to my customers either retail or wholesale.

Example Sales Order

Now let’s do a sales order and see how the pricing works I’m going to create a new sales order and I will use this customer here. This customer has been set up to use the wholesale price group so let’s put one item in here this first item quantity of one. So for this particular item the unit price from the item card is 225 dollars, but because this customer has been assigned the wholesale price group the price is discounted down to 202.5. This shows you an example of how I can have a standard price but I can also use customer price groups to differentiate pricing for different groups of customers and as I showed you earlier you can also differentiate between specific customers.
This has been a quick overview of the ales price list in Dynamics 365 business Central. it’s easy to set up and maintain if you have standard pricing and you have bulk changes you can also do individual line changes if you want to do it this gives you more flexibility if using Dynamics 365 business Central for pricing on your sales orders you can also use a similar functionality for purchasing as well.

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