Microsoft Dynamics 365 | New Item Workflow in Business Central (Demo)

Microsoft Dynamics 365 | New Item Workflow in Business Central (Demo)

I want to show you how you can create a new customer from the Business Central mobile app and then go ahead and place a sales order also on the mobile app. In association with that, I’m going to have a workflow around the new customer ad. So let’s take a look at that. Here’s the Dynamics 365 Business Central mobile app.


The scenario is I’m a salesperson out in the field. I come across a new customer that wants to purchase something. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to set up a new customer on my mobile app.

Customer Setup

Let’s go down here. We’ll add a new customer. We’ll use this template right here. Now I can enter information about the customer. We’ll add an address as well, and that’s enough for now. I also want to place a new sales order for this customer.

Sales Order Placement

Let’s go ahead and do that. Here’s my sales order entry screen on the Business Central mobile app. I’m going to add an item. I put the desk in there, and I want it from a specific warehouse. I’m going to specify that and the quantity. Customer wants two of those. So I’m done with the order. I can add additional lines if I want to, but I’m done with this order.

Order Review in Business Central

Let’s go back and look at Business Central. I’m logged in as David. David’s in the warehouse, and you can see that he’s got an order for a new customer. Here’s my order right here. If the customer had been approved and this sales order was ready to ship, then David could just post this—post the shipment. But I’ll get an error because this customer has not yet been approved. So let’s go back and do the approval process for this.

Approval Process

Alicia is the approver for new customers coming into the system. So let’s take a look at this approval request. We can see it right here. We can open the record. We can look at the approval. It was automatically created by the system when the new customer was added in the mobile app. You can see that here. At least she looks at this and she’s fine with it. So she’s going to go ahead and approve this, and now the new customer is approved.

Finalizing the Process

So that we can now ship them the order that they requested. We’re back with David. He’s in the warehouse. The customer has been approved. This shipment is ready to go. So he’s going to go ahead and post this, and that’s the complete process. A new customer was added in the business central mobile app, and in a new sales order for that new customer was also entered. But in my system, new customers have workflows that are automatically requested when a new customer is entered. We took a look at that, and once that was approved, David could go ahead and post the sales order.


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