Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central | Explore New Features in the 2022 Release Wave 2

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central | Explore New Features in the 2022 Release Wave 2

I want to show you new features in the 2022 release Wave 2 of Dynamics 365 Business Central. We’re going to take a look at the Modern action bar improvements in OneDrive productivity and also the company switcher so let’s get started.

Modern Action Bar

One of the nice features of this release is the way they’ve changed the action bar they’ve given it a lot more functionality in personalization let’s take a look at it here we go we’re looking at a sales order entry screen. The first thing they’ve done is they’ve added a Home tab here. This Home tab has a lot of the actions that people go to on a regular basis so this is all new. They’ve also as you go to the different tabs. The down action Tabs are automatically pinned in you can unpin them if you want to but out of the box are pinned what they’ve also done too is for these action groups.
For example they put the main action at the top so you can click on it directly or you can do the down arrow and see the down actions and choose from that so these are nice changes these are all geared towards making the user interface easier to use. Microsoft has also introduced personalization to the action bar let’s
see how you can use that I’ll go to personalize here and there’s a couple things I can do I can take some of these down actions and promote them to the action bar and it’s pretty easy to do all I need to do is drag and drop it up there. Now I’ve changed that also I can move these tabs too if I want to move order further to the left I can just grab it and move it over here and I’m done. These new changes will make it a lot easier for users to do the work the way they want to do it.

OneDrive Productivity

Microsoft has also improved the integration of OneDrive technology into Business Central. Let’s take a look at it. There’s a quick setup routine that you have to go through we’ll just go through it right here. Click on next and I’ve selected these two options and that’s it you’re done so now we can use OneDrive directly from Business Central. t=The scenario I want to go through is I’ve got a purchase order and in that I’ve got an attachment I want to share with others in my organization. Here’s a purchase order I have an attachment here. t=This is a contract and what I want to do is I want to share this with a co-worker of mine have her review it and make suggestions for any changes that might be needed I can do that directly from Business Central.

I’ll click on share it’s going to copy it to OneDrive and it brings up this dialog box what’s nice about this is I can mail it directly from here or I can also use the Outlook client to do that. I can further specify the rights that the recipient will have in editing this document.  I can give them full edit capability or the ability to review and make suggestions or the ability just to view it.  I’m going to give the recipient the ability to review it and make suggestions. I’ll put the recipient’s name in there and then I could write the message right here if I wanted to but I want to go to the Outlook client. This gives me more flexibility to format. This message exactly the way that I want it. I’ve added a message and now I want to add an image to this select this one here now my message is ready to go I’m in the Outlook client. I don’t see all the other messages in my inbox so this keeps me focused on this message. so I’m done with it now I’m just going
to send it and off it goes now I’m logged in as a recipient to that email.
Let’s take a look at it here’s a message right here. I can open up the contract and when I do that you can see that my access as a recipient to this document has been restricted I can review it I can also make suggestions so I’m just going to add something here so anything that I add as a recipient to this document is going to be as a suggestion and then the initiator of this document can accept those or reject them as they want.

Company Switcher

The next feature I want to show you is the company Switcher many people that use Business Central have multiple entities that they work with and Business Central can have as many entities as you want and now Microsoft has made it easier to switch to those entities and use them. So let’s take a look at the company switcher the company switcher is located up here if I click on that I’ve got all the entities in my environment. I can quickly switch to another entity just by double clicking on it it brings up that entity and now I’m logged into that what I can also do is in list pages. I can look at the same list in multiple companies at the same time so let’s do that let’s go to the item list here.
In this company I’ve got the item list here I’ll go to the company switcher select the other company I’ve got this option down here where I can open up a new tab with the same list so this will open up the other company with the item list in it and then I can look at both lists at the same time. If I hold the Windows button and click the right arrow the screen will go over to the right side. I’ll go to the other Tab and pull it off push it over here here I can look at any list page in multiple companies at the same time this has been a quick demonstration of three new features in the 2022 release Wave 2 of Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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