D365 [Health] ERP | D365 for Healthcare Facilities – Capabilities Summary

Hello and welcome to Health D365. The future of multi-location healthcare management for Dynamics 365 Business Central presented by TMC. My name is John Hoyt. I’m the Solution Architect here at TMC and I’ll be walking you through our offering.

We’re going to look at five core areas:

  1. Financials
  2. Electronic banking
  3. The use of portals
  4. Consolidated reporting
  5. Multi-location management

Within the core financials, our emphasis was really on ease of use making the system fast to adopt. From the home page, your dashboard or mission central, you’ll have quick access to all of the navigation tools inside the system as well as information being brought to your attention. In some cases that information will be presented in the terms of a graphical or a chart. In other cases it may be displayed as a tile linking together like transactions. Clicking on the tile will drill you back to a list of those pieces.

Navigation is simple, a drop down from the major module group will take you to a menu that shows all of the options available for that user. It would allow me to navigate to my purchase invoices for example where i have a very simple and easy form to fill out as i’m creating those AP transactions.

We have a very powerful search function in this the central that allows me to navigate within the system based on just a partial word or partial phrase. I can also see documentation, I can see reports, I can see if there are solutions available in the Microsoft App source.

One way to improve efficiency in your operations is to adopt electronic banking. This will allow us to communicate directly with the bank without the need for manual intervention. No manual downloading of statements or manually keying in that information. When we create a bank account, one of the things that we will do is establish our ability to talk to that bank electronically. You’ll get a message if you’ve not yet created your import format. Once that import format has been created then I can run the monthly bank statement service, link to my online bank account, and automatically import my bank statements.

We advocate the use of partner portals within the Health D365 solution as a means of offering your significant partners, vendors, customers could even be your accountants with the ability to get access to information. Those portals are available through the extension marketplace a quick search within the extension marketplace for portals will show me a variety of results that are available and again we’ll help you pick the right solution for your needs, depending on who you’re going to be working with.Once that portal has been established, your significant partners now get access to their relevant information and that can even expand to include the ability to upload transactions, request payments etc.

Absolutely vital to any multi-location healthcare organization is going to be reporting both at the location level and consolidated reporting in the Business Central world we’re going to do this in a couple of different ways from the reports drop down I can run my basic financial statements like an income statement that income statement can be run for. Just a single entity or location can be run for the entire organization or i can specify which of my entities I want to group together for this report we have excel based versions of reports –  no surprise in the Microsoft world. This again allows us the ability to create reports and statements that are focused on either a single entity, a group of entities or the entire organization consolidated into one result.

We’ll also use Power BI reports –  I’ve got another part of the Microsoft solution. This just gives a different view and a more graphical view of information into what the current status of the company and finally if we have multiple locations we want to ease the management of those using multi-entity management. Multi-entity management allows me to group together all of my different entities and treat them individually or treat them as one and we do that by India. Establishing a dimension for each one of my entities dimensions apply across the business central system in this case I want to be specific and look at the entity values. This is where I can define which locations are currently being operated. If I acquire a new location I can simply add them to the list here and if for some reason a location has been sold or closed I can simply block that location from any future activity very quick and easy way to manage my multiple locations

In conclusion we advocate Health D365 for multi-location healthcare facilities because it’s easy to use it’s fast to adopt, it allows us to produce accurate, and timely financial statements and reports and allows us to simplify the organizational structure and manage the operations of our multiple locations. Please don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe down below and thank you very much for watching.

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