Why Migrate from Microsoft Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central?

“If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.” These are the wise words of Bill Gates, co-founder, and chairman of Microsoft. And he couldn’t be more right; the internet is a massive blanket of things that have enabled businesses to reach unimaginable heights.

For instance, thanks to an enterprise resource planning solution like Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can easily manage all aspects of your company’s financials. These include managing payroll, tracking sales orders, keeping track of inventory, and even automating repetitive tasks such as sending invoices or paying bills. And guess what? That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Dynamics 365 Business Central unlocks even more features and capabilities that help streamline operations and make running your business easier.

If you’re looking for something beyond the basics, there’s no better time to consider switching to Dynamics 365 Business Central. Here are the top reasons why:

1) Microsoft will End Supporting Dynamics GP by 2028

Microsoft announced that it will end the support of all versions of Dynamics Great Plains by January 11, 2028. That means any version of Dynamics GP after 2012 will stop receiving updates. If you still use this software, now would be the perfect time to upgrade to Dynamics 365 Business Central so that you don’t miss out on these latest updates.

2) The Latest Version Has All New Features

Dynamics 365 Business Central has been updated with some incredible new features. For example, in addition to being able to sync data between different systems, you can also import and export data from other sources. This includes importing data from Google Sheets, Excel, Salesforce, QuickBooks Online, and many others. It also supports exporting data to multiple destinations, including Salesforce, QuickBooks, Xero, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive.

3) Improved Data Security

The security of your data is one of the most important factors when choosing which ERP system to implement. One of the main reasons companies choose Microsoft Dynamics GP over other solutions is because they want to protect their data. But did you know that Dynamics 365 Business Central offers a host of additional security measures that go above and beyond those provided by Dynamics GP?

4) Cost-Saving Benefits

Since there will be fewer Microsoft Partners, if any, who’ll support Microsoft GP after its discontinuation, the support cost will be more expensive. So, if you’re currently using Microsoft Dynamics GP, it might be worth migrating to Dynamics 365 Business Central instead. That way, you’ll take advantage of the cost savings associated with having a single vendor handle all your needs.

5) Seamless Integration with Microsoft’s 365 Platform

If you already have a subscription to Office 365, then you’ve probably noticed how seamless integration with Microsoft’s platform makes things run much smoother. Well, that’s precisely what Dynamics 365 Business Central does. By integrating seamlessly with Office 365, you get access to hundreds of apps and services that allow you to work smarter.

6) Real-Time Access to Medical Records for the Healthcare Industry

One of the top benefits of using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for healthcare facilities is viewing patient records in real-time. This allows doctors and nurses to make immediate changes to patients’ medical information without waiting until the next day. Plus, since the solution integrates with Office 365, you can easily share patient records with other members of your organization.

TMC is Your Go-To Microsoft Solutions Technical Advisor!

The significance of working with an experienced technical advisor like TMC to help guide you through the GP to BC migration process cannot be understated. We understand that moving to a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is not something that should be taken lightly. And we are here to ensure that you make the right decision for your business.

You can count on us to provide:

  • Comprehensive guidance throughout the entire process
  • A clear understanding of your company’s current state and future goals
  • An unbiased assessment of your current situation
  • The best possible advice based on our experience
  • Assistance with selecting the right software for your unique requirements

When you partner with TMC, you gain access to our team of experts who will guide you through every step. Our consultants will help you select the right product for your specific needs, assist you with implementation, and offer ongoing support as needed.

Our consultants will also give you the confidence that comes from knowing that you made the right choice for your business. We’ll help you avoid common pitfalls and steer you away from potential problems before they occur.

We know that choosing a new ERP system can be overwhelming. But don’t worry – we’re here to help. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you move forward with confidence.