Surprisingly, many SMBs may push back on using any other applications besides an Excel spreadsheet, or Quickbooks, as their go-to platform. Mistakenly,  they may think they have all the ‘big data’  they need to gauge the direction their company is moving. Consequently, the continued use of such limited software ‘freezes’ their overall data-management capabilities in a land-before-time scenario.

It may be even more surprising to these SMB owners to learn that the age of Big Data is not just for Big Business: small companies and startups are taking notice, according to a post on the Bloomberg Businessweek site.

Businesses who look outside of their accounting packages for real-time customer data, tracking campaigns or engaging customers on social media, may think the solution is to simply purchase more software. If so, they end up with disconnected silos of information spread out over multiple PCs with limited transparency, and that all-important collaborative component inherent in Dynamics GP software.

As such, integrating an accounting software with a data base management platform into a single package is what the Redmond Giant accomplished when they created their Dynamics GP suite—an added feature is the software’s tie-in to Microsoft’s Office 365.

The Dynamics GP provides users with vital status reports on projects in-progress throughout the company. Online, or on-premise, the Dynamics GP price is competitive while providing added benefits like complete scalability for future expansion. As noted on Microsoft’s Dynamics GP website:

“… we’ve created licensing and deployment options that give you the flexibility to fit your organization’s needs…start with what you need today and add to it later—whether it’s in the cloud, partner hosted, or on your servers. The best part? You can purchase it up front or make affordable monthly payments.”

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