The Importance of a Dynamics GP Partner

The Importance of a Dynamics GP Partner

This past weekend, I made the drive up the 405, back home to Valencia.  My mom put together a going away brunch for my sister, who will be leaving in a week to study abroad in France until early next year.

 Among the guests at our house that morning was my great aunt Gloria.  She works for a company that schedules court reporters, and she is an accountant that handles Payroll and  General Ledger for them.  She is the only person in the office that handles the financial aspect of the business, thus she is heavily depended upon.

While we were sitting on the couch, discussing what I am currently up to these days, the question: “Where are you working” came up.  I replied that I was currently working as a web and social media coordinator for a company that distributes Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) software, known as Technology Management Concepts (TMC).

 Her brow raised and she asked me what specifically would TMC be able to offer as a partner.  She was looking for a partner that would offer on site training, technical support and desktop streaming so that she could connect with a professional and learn how to do a task if she did not understand how to do it herself.

 She told me that she currently uses Dynamics GP (Great Plains) in her office, but the company that sold it to her originally now no longer carries it so she is in the market for a new service.  She has been searching for a new service for a few months now.

 Her favorite, and most used feature of Dynamics GP (Great Plains) is the General Ledger. She raved about how it improves accuracy by automating every accounting task and streamlining the company budget and financial decision-making with comprehensive reports and easy-to-use enquiry tools.

 One of her biggest concerns when selecting a new partner is regarding the general ledger.  When she signed up with her former partner, they came in and set up the general ledger feature of Dynamics GP for her. She was adamant about making sure that TMC could come in and help her maintain it. 

A partner is a very important aspect when implementing new financial software.  It is important and comforting to know that a partner is available to help you plan and understand, design and develop, test and implement your software, as well as support you when help is needed.

 The advantage to her having a partner is that they are with her every step of the way.  Whether it is to provide customized end-user training, assist with system set ups to match your business process, to focus on the functions of your company to increase productivity or to simply provide software and user support.  Not having a partner would put her at quite a disadvantage.  She would not be able to go online for technical support, or speak to a support represntative if she had questions.  She would have no one to provide training or data conversion.  She would also not have Reporting services with business intelligence or integration services, forcing her to figure it out for herself.

 Needless to say, I forwarded all the contact information to her and she was going to look into it more in the coming weeks! It’s crazy the kind of things that can come up in a conversation with a relative who you rarely talk to!

Andrew Veis  Social Media Consultant for TMC