Data breaches, hackers, scams, and ransomware significantly compromise a company’s technology infrastructure. Businesses are now moving to the cloud in a bid to secure their systems and leverage new tools. With Microsoft Azure, your organization can enjoy industry-leading security and maintain compliance. Here’s how Azure makes a difference:

Azure Multi-layered Security

Azure has built-in controls that can protect your workloads and help you mitigate against the evolving cybersecurity threat landscape. Microsoft implements a four-tier approach in securing client information. Their systems involve:

  • Segregation
  • Encryption
  • Redundancy
  • Destruction

Complete with automated monitoring and security scoring, Azure’s plan encrypts all your files and applications at every stage.

Azure has Real-time Threat Monitoring

Azure uses tools that perform ongoing threat monitoring to provide visibility and alerts about potential threats. These tools also proactively report issues regarding application performance. Azure Sentinel, for example, incorporates AI capabilities in threat detection and response, facilitating faster resolution. With Microsoft Azure, your threat response team can quickly address tech issues before they result in considerable downtime.

Compliance Tools and Certifications

With more than 90 compliance certifications, Azure offers your business’ best bet of achieving compliance with rigorous industry standards. Microsoft’s simplified compliance tools can help you maintain audit trails and provides third-party audit reporting capabilities. Your team can also use their compliance blueprints to create customized compliance roadmaps for your infrastructure.

Centralized Access Management

User identity and access management are essential components of your cloud ecosystem. Microsoft Azure offers solutions that eliminate the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive information. Your tech managers can leverage Azure’s Active Directory to centralize identity management and spread it out to different applications. Azure also offers an Identity Secure Store to provide suggestions that can reduce the risk of security breaches.


Overall, cloud migration is an essential step towards securing your data and applications. With layers of protective steps, automated tools, and best practices, Azure ensures that your IT infrastructure remains secure. Visit our website’s solutions to learn more about our solutions in order to further your understanding of financial and business management systems. Team up with a certified Microsoft Gold Partner to make your migration to the cloud seamless. Contact us today to incorporate Microsoft Azure into your IT infrastructure.

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