Remote ERP training cornerstone of services offered by Microsoft Certified Gold partner, TMC.

Small to mid-size business owners understand the benefits of deploying today’s latest ERP software but are reluctant to give up their legacy methods for tracking sales, asset management, and accounting functions.

Often, the programs used are a mishmash of multiple spreadsheets, which offers little in the way of automation, like populating columns throughout the program, or seamlessly importing data from another PC or laptop through a single database management system, like Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Worse, business owners may opt to over-customize an old ERP platform, thereby extending problems with integration with other programs while negating collaborative opportunities.

For companies on the threshold of deciding which ERP system to purchase, should also consider the ERP training necessary for a successful implementation and final deployment; this, after vetting a list of qualified vendors like Technology Management Concepts (TMC), a Microsoft Certified Gold partner with years of experience in pre-purchase and after-sale service.

Before the final decision is made, stakeholders should follow a path outlined by Gartner Research to “determine readiness.” Each step along the way, notes Gartner, may throw up obstacles, but agreement on strategies should streamline the process. A few of these steps should include:

Stakeholders weighing-in on an overall statement for the ERP project. More so, the plan should seek that all-important C-Level,  “executive sponsorship.”

— Outline expected changes, like reducing “costs and consolidating skills.” Show the savings in IT costs as well.

— Know your company needs. Make sure they can integrate with your ERP vendor’s product offering.

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Written by E.H. (Consulting Team)