Most companies select weak accounting software naturally because it is easy to use. However, as they progress and the company grows, the initial solutions will be overwhelmed with the complexity of accounting and auditing controls.

When your business starts outgrowing your legacy accounting software, it would be best to find a suitable solution. It is time to upgrade to the trusted Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, a natural replacement option. The solution is designed for small to midsize businesses to run their entire business from a single program. Here are the benefits of Dynamics 365 Business Central over other accounting software like QuickBooks, Peachtree, or Excel Sheet.

Low Cost of Ownership

Small and midsize businesses need to have control over their cash flow. The benefits of cloud ERP are effective since there is no infrastructure investment, upgrade, and maintenance costs. It is a subscription-based model, implying that businesses do not need any large upfront payment. The cost also remains predictable according to business processes.

Equally importantly, the business will not require servers, IT resources, management systems, and other costs related to the Business Central. The system is ready for use instantly after installation, offering fast and reliable services.


Single Source of Accurate Data

The business department needs to have a unified platform where data can be stored and analyzed correctly. The Dynamics 365 Business Central offers a single source of truth where all the company data is secure and can stay updated in real-time for all company decisions.

The solutions also have a simple interface to help with creating financial reports. Users will view data reports through built-in dashboards. Businesses can make better decisions to facilitate growth by connecting data across finance, accounting, purchasing, inventory, and sales.


Improve Customer Experiences

Business Central is an ERP solution with capabilities to help businesses improve customer experiences. It would be best to solidify customer relationships by getting accurate insights on upsell, renewing opportunities in the sales cycle, and cross-sell.

Users can also create flexible pricing tailored for their customers. Customers can also reach you quickly so that the customer service team can manage service requests, after-sales issues, respond to inquiries, and track repair details. 


Flexibility and Scalability

The advantage of using Dynamics 365 Business Central lies in its flexibility. It synchronizes to the cloud, where you can access data quickly and reach out to customers and employees in real-time. Still, you can control your business processes remotely with any device.

With increased flexibility, the Business Central is also scalable for the fast growth of the business.


Warehouse and Supply Chain Management

Dynamics 365 Business Central has a robust warehouse and supply chain management feature that lets businesses optimize their stock and create purchase orders seamlessly. It is easy to optimize the storage facilities with fast data and by using templates that determine the placement of items.

It also has features such as CRM capabilities, accounting, on-time delivery, and project management features.  Users can create, manage, report, and track projects. Also, you will be able to get real-time insights on every project with metrics to ensure profitability.


Who Requires Dynamics 365 Business Central?

There are various questions to ask yourself to help you understand if it is Business Central is right for your business. They include:

  • Is your company small or mid-sized?
  • Is your accounting software unreliable?
  • Do you have multiple software systems?
  • Do you need better data security?
  • Is your business looking for flexibility and highly customizable systems?


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