Investing in a new business management system is a big step in your company’s growth. And once you’ve sifted through the chaff and heard all the pitches, chances are good that you’ll be left with two primary options: Netsuite and Microsoft Dynamic. More and more companies are jumping on board with the proper MS Dynamics Nav training and MS Dynamics SL training.

Choosing which software suite is better depends on a variety of factors. Small businesses, mid-sized businesses, and large businesses all have different needs that may or may not be met by one solution or the other. At the end of the day, neither Dynamics nor Netsuite is a “better” solution in general — one will just be better for the needs of your business.

  • Functionality
    Netsuite and Dynamics offer many of the same types of functionality. Both solutions involve a collection of applications working together toward a common goal including CRM, financials, and ecommerce. Both allow you to perform the same types of accounting tasks. The main difference is that Dynamics runs on the Microsoft SQL server instead of Oracle, and is traditionally easier to integrate with existing Microsoft products.
  • Implementation
    One of the most important aspects of a business management system is the difficulty surrounding its implementation. Historically, Netsuite implementation and Dynamics 365 implementation is more difficult than Dynamics implementation, but Netsuite’s reliance on existing applications (Google Docs, for example) helps to lessen the learning curve. Both implementations will take about the same amount of prep time and employee education.
  • Cost
    It is obviously necessary to talk cost of ownership when comparing two major possible investments. Netsuite is advertised as offering a lower total cost of ownership when compared to Dynamics GP ; however, this isn’t always the case. Dynamics does have a higher initial cost of entry than Netsuite, but the costs tend to even out over longer spans of time thanks to hosting, SAAS, and other costs.

At the end of the day, there are big benefits to be found in both Netsuite and Dynamics. Which one works best for you depends on your preferences and needs. For more information about either platform, please visit or contact us at 310.559.3982 with any questions.